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Contraceptives: Barrier Methods

Kwadwo Sarbeng
Barrier Methods

• Barrier Methods of contraception are meant to stop the

ovum and sperm from coming in contact and fertilizing.
• These methods prevent the sperm from making it into the
• Some of the main types of barrier contraceptives are
• Male and Female Condoms
• Cervical Caps
• Diaphragms
• Sponges
Dental Dams (for prevention of STI)
Male Condom

• A male condom is one of the most common types of barrier

• It is made out of either latex, polyurethane, or lamb skin
• It is put on over an erect penis before having sex
• They prevent the semen from entering the uterus
• Male condoms also prevent many STI’s (sexually transmitted
Latex Condoms

• Latex condoms are the most common type of condoms

• The main advantages of latex condoms are that they can be
stretched a lot before it breaks (elastic)
• That means it is good at preventing the semen from going
through the condom
Polyurethane Condoms

• Polyurethane condoms are not very common

• These are very similar to latex condoms in size
• They have a longer shelf life than latex condoms,
• They have less allergic reactions
• They don’t have an odor
• These condoms also prevent STI’s
• But, they are more expensive and break easier
Lamb Skin Condoms

• These type of condoms are the least used

• They also have less allergic reactions than latex
• But they are more expensive than latex and
• Also, they have little pores in them which means
they don’t protect from many STI’s
Male Condom, Cont.
Male Condom:
 Male condoms are 82 to 98 percent effective at
preventing pregnancy
 Condoms can only be used once
 Do not use oil-based lubricants such as massage
oils, baby oil, lotions, or petroleum jelly.They
will weaken the condom, causing it to tear or
 Water-based are the best – can prevent breaking
of condom.
 Good choices: Latex condoms and polyurethane
 ? “natural” or “lambskin”
Female Condoms

• This type of contraceptive is put into the vagina

before having sex
• It has two ends with rings on them
• The end that goes into the vagina has a closed rim
• The end that stays outside has an open rim
Female Condom
Female Condom, cont…
Female Condom:
 Female condoms are 79 to 95 percent
 Worn by the woman, this method keeps
sperm from getting into her body
 It can be inserted up to eight hours
before sexual intercourse (though not
Cervical Caps

• These are little rubber caps that are inserted into the vagina and fits
fits around the cervix
• This blocks the passage way for sperm to enter the uterus
• This is used with spermicide

• This is an actual sea sponge

• It is inserted into the vagina before sex
• It has spermicide on it which is a substance that kills sperm
• This substance kills the sperm before it enters the uterus

• This is a dome shaped object that is also made of rubber.

• Just like the cervical cap, it fits around the cervix, preventing the
sperm from being able to enter the uterus
• This is used with spermicide
Dental Dam

• This is mostly used during analingus and cunnilingus

• Analingus is when someone uses their tongue or mouth or
lips up against someone else's anus
• Cunnilingus is when someone uses their tongue, lips, or
mouth against a females genitals
• A dental dam prevents STI transmission
• Before using a dental dam, a lubricant is usually put on it
Dental Dams

Female Condoms
Cervical Cap