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The posture is
wrong, get up and sit right!
Constipation!!! The posture is wrong, get
up and sit right!

We are all facing the same problem – Constipation

nowadays. We might think of because of fiber intake is
insufficient, or perhaps we are too stressed and this is causing
the constipation. Then, we found a lot of methods for treating
constipation, such as taking supplements, more vegetables,
drink a lot of water until the stomach is bloated and we were
unable to go to the toilet. Some even go for more extreme
method which is they are sitting on the toilet waiting for “it”
to come out. Not to mention, repeated constipation leads to
haemorrhoids and even prolapse.
Do you know where the pelvic floor muscle is

The picture (Pic 1) shows

the pelvic chart. Our pelvis is
seen from the top down, and the
red part in the middle is the
pelvic floor muscle.
From the side (Pic 2), we can
see that the pelvic floor muscles
support our pelvic organs, including
the bladder, uterus and rectum, that
is, there are three passages through
the pelvic floor muscles, namely the
urethra, vagina and anus.
Thus, what is the relationship
between pelvic floor muscles and
The final step in the bowel
movement is to relax the opening of
the intestine, that is, the anal
sphincter in the pelvic floor muscles is
relaxed and the stool is discharged.
Anal Sphincter

On the contrary, if the pelvic

floor muscles contract and the outlet
tighten, it will not be easily discharged
(to shit). Forcible defecation can easily
lead to acne around the perianal.
How to relax the pelvic floor muscles during

1) Sitting on the toilet completely, don't just sit on the edge of the
toilet, the knee joint is higher than the hip joint (Pic 3 & Pic 4).
How to relax the pelvic floor muscles during

• Practice Malasana
and Vajrasana pose
in yoga (Pic 5 & Pic
6) for a duration in
5-10 minutes.
2. Inhale pelvis forward, exhale pelvic backward

During Inhalation, move your

anterior pelvic tilt forward,
squeeze the buttock muscle, and
the posterior pelvis tilts move
back during exhalation to help the
pelvic floor muscles relax. (Pic 7)
3. Rotate the torso left and right

Rotating the torso to the left and

right can increase the intra-abdominal
pressure, and the oblique force can
squeeze the stool into the colon to
promote defecation. Pic 8
4. Contraction the anal sphincter

How? Some people might have no idea how to do it. So let me give you
an idea. First, close your eyes, relax your whole body. Imagine that you just
want to put a fart in the elevator. When the elevator door closes, your boss
suddenly squeezes in. You are alert and you have to shrink the anus right away.
I believe you can find the feeling of contracting the anal sphincter.
Do it repeatedly and rapidly contracting the muscles of the anus, or
continuing to contract for about 10 seconds, can make the muscle become less
If you are unsure about whether you understand this contraction, place
a finger in or on the anal opening and alternately squeeze it shut and protrudes
it outward. The outward movement is the wrong direction.
5. Just relax

Put some pleasant, relaxation

music, imagine you are at a five-star hotel
in the Maldives, the blue sea and the soft
white sand outside the window, listening
to the waves of the sea on the shore,
smell the faint incense, your whole body
are relaxing.
Of course, you can also visualize
your anal sphincter in your brain, such as
the anus as a chrysanthemum, and the
anus relaxes as if the entire
chrysanthemum blooms slowly.