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IFA DWI PRAMAISARI (160210103046)
DEVI ULAN SEKTI (160210103068)
PUTRI NOVITASARI (160210103076)

pengantar ilmu pendidikan 1

Pengertian ilmu pendidikan
Ilmu pendidikan adalah dua kata yang dipadukan
yakni, ilmu dan pendidikan.
Dalam kamus besar bahasa indonesia disebutkan
bahwa ilmu adalah pengetahuan tentang suatu
bidang yang disusun secara bersistem menurut
metode tertentu yang dapat digunakan untuk
menerangkan gejala tertentu.
Menurut endang syaifudin anshari, mengatakan
bahwa ilmu berasal dari bahasa arab “alima” yang
memiliki pengertian tahu.
secara etomologis ilmu yaitu pengetahuan
pengantar ilmu pendidikan 2
Penerapan ilmu pendidikan di
Indonesia merupakan sebuah negara yang memiliki jumlah
penduduk yang sangat banyak yang tersebar dari Sabang
sampai Merauke. Semakin banyak penduduk sebuah
negara, maka negara tersebut juga akan cepat mengalami
perkembangan. Indonesia memiliki Sumber Daya Manusia
(SDM) yang sangat banyak, tetapi sampai sekarang negara
kita masih berada pada posisi negara berkembang. Langkah
yang tepat untuk meningkatkan kualitas SDM dari negara
Indonesia adalah dengan memperbaiki sistem pendidikan
yang selama ini dijalankan dan terapkan di negara ini
Pendidikan sangat berperan penting dalam hal pembentukan
karakter dan kualitas masyarakat sebuah negara. Sistem
pendidikan di Indonesia harus segera dibenahi.

pengantar ilmu pendidikan 3

Pengertian landasan
Secara leksikal, landasan berarti tumpuan, dasar
atau alas, karena itu landasan merupakan tempat
bertumpu atau titik tolak atau dasar pijakan.
Landasan pendidikan ibarat fondasi yang menjadi
pijakan kajian dan pelaksanaan pendidikan. Jika
pijakannya kokoh maka pendidikan bisa berjalan
baik begitupun sebaliknya.

pengantar ilmu pendidikan 4

Jenis – jenis Landasan ilmu
Landasan religius pendidikan
Landasan filosofis pendidikan
Landasan ilmiah pendidikan
Landasan yuridis atau hukum

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Asas – asas ilmu pendidikan
1. Asas Tut wuri Handayani
Asas tut wuri handayani, yang kini menjadi
semboyan Diknas pada awalnya merupakan salah
satu dari asas 1922 yakni : tujuh buah asas dari
Perguruan Nasional Taman Siswa (didirikan 3 Juli
2. Asas Belajar sepanjang hayat
Istilah belajar sepanjang hayat erat kaitannya
dengan istilah “pendidikan seumur hidup”. UNESCO
Institute for Education menetapkan suatu definisi
kerja yakni pendidikan seumur hidup

pengantar ilmu pendidikan 6

3. Asas Kemandirian dalam Belajar
Asas ini tidak dapat dipisahkan dari 2 asas tut
wuri handayani dan belajar sepanjang hayat.
Implikasi dari asas ini adalah pendidik harus
menjalankan peran komunikator, fasiltator,
organisator, dsb.

pengantar ilmu pendidikan 7

Artikel 1
Friday, January 2016
Why Findland’s Schools Are So Successfull
For many years the school system in Finland has been very successful. In the PISA
survey, which compares reading, math and science knowledge of 15 year olds around
the world, Finland is not only the top European country but also competes with Asian
giants like Shanghai, Singapore and South Korea. But what makes the educational
system in this small country so strikingly different from others in the western world.
First of all, the Finish government makes it possible for all children to attend preschool,
which comes after kindergarten. Compulsory education begins at 7. Teachers work
with their pupils in school as much as possible. They have little homework to do when
they get home. When teachers are not with the pupils they spend a lot of time in
schools working on the curriculum and new projects. They teach in teams if it helps
them reach their goals. That is why dropout rates are low compared to other countries.
In contrast to other nations teaching in Finland is a highly admired profession. Finland
selects its teachers very carefully. Only talented students go on to a university and
receive a master’s degree in education. Finland only takes the best to educate its
Schools in Finland are small, at least for international standards. More than in any
other country teachers are ready to prepare children for life. In some cases they know
every pupil in their school and can adjust to them. Teachers try everything to succeed
with their pupils. Most of the pupils get additional help in their elementary school years,
either by the teachers themselves or through specially trained educators.
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Artikel 2
Jakarta, – Two weeks after being appointed as Education and Culture
Minister, Muhadjir Effendy shocked the nation by announcing his plan for a ‘full-day
The program is designed to keep elementary and junior high school students in state
and private schools in class from 7 AM up until 5 PM. Minister Effendy claimed that this
policy will prevent children from doing unproductive or otherwise dangerous activities
while their parents are working.
This plan has been widely scrutinized by prominent figures and the general public alike.
It has received both praises and harsh criticisms, including an online rejection petition
with more than 41,000 supporters as of 15 August.
Here is a quick overview of some opinions from figures and society members:
“ A full-day school system has just been proposed. Therefore, now we are studying its
implementation in Jakarta. We actually have no problem if the full-day school system is
implemented, but out trouble until now has been that school buildings are often used by
two different schools. I have no idea whether this policy suits Jakarta. Which schools are
ready for its implementation? So I am just waiting for the study results.” – Jakarta
Governor Basuki ‘Ahok’ Tjahaja Purnama

pengantar ilmu pendidikan 9

“A new minister doesn’t have to issue a new policy, particularly if it isn’t
preceded by a comprehensive evaluation. Full-day school is a one size fits
all solution. But each child, and each parent, is different. A thorough study is
needed to work out the effects of the extra workload on teachers, how much
funding the government will need to provide for the extra hours and
activities in school and how to customize the program to handle different
social conditions all across the country.” – National Commission on Child
Protection Chairman Asrorun Ni’am Sholeh
“A full day at school encompasses the provision of healthy menus, health
checks, and complete immunizations, an increase in faith and piety, and the
implementation of a child-friendly entertainment, among other things.” –
Indonesian Child Protection Agency Human Resources Chairwoman Henny
Two parents have expressed their support on The Jakarta Post. Wiwin
Darwinah, mother of a Year 6 and Year 9 students in public schools,
believed that the new policy can help her children to obtain extra lessons
without paying extra for private tuition. Mustiana Dewi, mother of a Year 9
student in a private school, opinioned that the extra hours will provide more
positive activities for her daughter rather than hanging out at shopping

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