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• is also known as potassium acid tartrate or cream
of tartar.
as an additive, stabilizer, pH control agent,
antimicrobial agent, processing aid, or thickener in
various food products
Colorless Crystals Or White, Crystalline Powder
At the end of this experiment students should know
how to:

• Synthesize the Potassium Bitartrate and test for its


• And identify its medicinal use.

• Potassium sodium tartrate
• 50% alcohol
• Silver nitrate
• Resorcinol
• Conc. Sulfuric acid
• Ferrous sulfate T.S
• Diluted Acetic acid
• Sodium Hydroxide
• Ammonia T.S
• Conc. Hydrochloric acid
• Conc. Acetic acid
• Hydrogen peroxide T.S
Identification Test
• Heat the crystals at high temperature

RESULT: Formation of ash like forming charcoal

• Dissolve the residue in water and perform Beilstein’s

RESULT: Negative result for Beilstein’s test.

Identification Test
• Prepare a saturated aqueous solution of potassium
bitartrate , neutralized with Sodium hydroxide, add
Silver nitrate T.S
To the precipitate formed, dissolved it with Ammonia
T.S and the solution warmed.

RESULT: silver mirror/ metallic silveris deported along

the inner walls of the test tube

Chemical Reaction:
Identification Test
• Prepare a Resorcinol solution in Hydrochloric acid.
Add few drops of this solution to a dry salt of
potassium bitatrate. Then add 3ml of sulfuric acid
and slowly heat the solution.
RESULT: Formation of red rose color and after heating it
becomes colorless

• Acidify a tartrate solution with Acetic acid. Add

drop of Ferrous sulfate T.S and Hydrogen peroxide
T.S , the add an excess of Sodium Hydroxide
RESULT: solution become Violet/ purple colour
Question for Research
• Give the synonyms of Potassium sodium
tartrate and Potassium Bitartrate

- cream of tartar
- potassium hydrogen tartrate
- Tartar

- rochelle salt
- seignette salt
Question for Research
• Why is the precipitate washed with alcohol and not
with water?

RESULT: It is washed with alcohol and not with water

because it is miscible with water and the product will
be dried quickly if washed with alcohol.
Question for Research
• State 3 uses of potassium bitartrate in medicine and
in the industry
- Diuretic (dose 2-8g)
- Urinary acidifier (dose 2-8g)
- Saline laxative (16-30g)
- It is also used dusting powder in surgery and more

- It can also be used in cooking, baking and