Anda di halaman 1dari 6

1) We always admire him …… company sent him abroad .

2) We visited his house …… we like .
3) I know the woman …… child is a genius .
4) Is this the present ……. he gave you yesterday ?
5) He …… you know wrote this letter .
6) Look at the boy …… is wearing a cap .

7) The butcher from ….. we bought some meat has two sons .

8) The students ….. mother is sick is absent today .

9) The story is interesting ……. is a legend .

10) Have you found your wallet ……. you lost ?

11) The girl …… smile we like prepared a mexican dish .

12) He is the boy …… money was stolen .


13) I gave her a necklace …… i bought in paris .

14) She is the girl …… fiance is a pilot .

15) What’s the name of the man ….. the police arrested ?
16) I hate the people. They like to badmouth others .
I hate the people who like to badmouth others .
17) He thanked all the people. He loved them .

He thanked all the people whom he loved .

18) I was telling you the truth. Nobody believed it .

I was telling you the truth which nobody believed .

19) We don’t like the student. Someone stole his money .

We don’t like the student whose money someone stole .

20) He is the man. I gave the book to his wife .
He is the man to whom I gave the book .
21) The woman is good-looking. The students are looking at her .
The woman at whom the students are looking is good-looking .

22) Juan borrowed a from the teacher. Juan visited his house once .
Juan borrowed a pen from the teacher whose house Juan visited once .

23) What’s happened to the man?He looks awful .

What’s happened to the man who looks awful ?

24) I want to return the money. I owe you the money .

I want to return the money which I owe you .

25) She is the girl. I have just known her recently .

She is the girl whom I have just known recently .
26) I went out with the man. His car is new .
I went out with the man whose car is new .
27) The boy is my nephew. He is very clever .
The boy who is very clever is my nephew .
28) The apples are sweet. We bought them yesterday .
The apples which we bought yesterday are sweet .
29) Show me the book. You bought it yesterday .
Show me the book which you bought yesterday .
30) When can you ship the goods? We ordered them yesterday .
When can you ship the goods which we ordered yesterday ?