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All About Me

By: Erika Jasmine Islas

Who am I?

● 19 Years Old
● November 16, 1997
● Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, Nevada

Jorge Islas Guzman

● 13 Years Old
● September 9th, 2003
● Las Vegas, NV

Guadalupe Guzman

● Mom
● September 9
● Poza Rica, Veracruz

Santos Islas Hernandez

● Dad
● November 21
● Meltatoyuca, Puebla
Family Oriented
Dream Job
Me Poem

Who would like to see happiness and
Nice, Outgoing, friendly, athletic, passionate world peace

Relative of the Mexican-American Culture Resident of the Universe

Lover of Pepperoni Pizza Pockets and Makeup Enthusiasts Islas

Who feels that self-love is the best energy to exist

Who needs constant laughter and excitement

Who fears commitment and Roaches

Who gives unconditional love and laughter