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A Start-Up Guide

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What is Mentimeter?
• Web 2.0 tool that can be used for assessment

• Participants DO NOT need an account, just device

• Allows participants to interact with live content

• “Back end” features allow for archival of results

Step 1: Getting Started

In a web browser, log on to

Click on “Get started”

Step 2: Sign Up for an Account

Click to sign up with Facebook Click to sign up with Google

Sign up with other email

accounts by filling in the fields

Step 3: Indicate Your Main Use for Mentimeter

Click the corresponding bubble, then “get started”

Step 4: Creating Your First “Presentation”

Select “+ New presentation” on the homepage

Select the pencil next to “My First Presentation” and type in your own title

Step 5: Formatting Questions in Your Presentation

Choose “Multiple Choice” from the “Question type” menu on the right side of the screen

Step 6: Inputting Questions and Answers: “Multiple Choice”

Select the results layout that

Individually type each best fits your question
Type your question into the response into one of the
field labelled “Your “Options”
question” Click “+Add” if more than 3 Select “Show correct
responses are required answer(s)” if the question
has an expected response(s)

Step 7: Creating a Second Question: “Scales”

Select “ + New Slide” Then, select “Scales” from the “Question type” list

Step 8: Inputting Questions and Answers: “Scales”

Individually type each

Type your prompt into the
statement for participants to Select the dimensions that
field labelled “Your heading”
respond to into one of the best fit your question
Scales can also be used for “Statements” Toggle the “Extras”
questions like agree/disagree
Click “+Add” if more than 3 depending on your needs
and true/false
responses are required

Step 9: Creating a Third Question: “Quiz”

Select “ + New Slide” Select “Quiz”. Only “Q/A” and “Quiz” will be options for the third question

Step 10: Inputting Questions and Answers: “Quiz”

Type your question into the field Individually type each response Change the time given for
labelled “Your question” into one of the “Options” participants to answer based on
Click “+Add” if more than 3 your needs
Mentimeter will remind you of responses are required Toggle the leaderboard to be
the quiz rules every time you Click the box next to the correct hidden instead of shown at the
create a quiz question answer(s) conclusion of the quiz

Step 11: Presenting

You can present in two ways:

From the presentation creation screen, From the Home Screen, select the “Play” button
select “>Present” in the top right corner next to the presentation you wish to show

Step 12: Engaging the Audience
Ask participants to use their web-enabled devices to log on to

Tell participants to enter the six digit code displayed at the top of the presentation

The number of participants is located in the bottom right corner

Step 13: Advancing the Presentation

To move on to the next question, click the “>” on the right side of the

Step 14: Results
In Mentimeter, results for each question are usually shown live as people answer the question, though this can be disabled

At the conclusion of “Quiz” questions, leaderboard results can be displayed for instant feedback

If a presentation is used multiple times, results can be archived within each individual questions according to specific sessions