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Is used when something is put into use or

someone is brought up for the first time.
Introducing Oneself
Example :
• My name is Kartika.
• Good Afternoon. My name is Kiki.

• Hello, I'm Okky. Glad to meet you.
• Good Afternoon, I am Andi. How do you do?

Introducing others
Example :
• Do you know Ossas?
• Have you meet Budi?
Responses :
• No, I don’t think so.
• No, I haven’t.
Andi : Good Morning, Sir!
Budi : Good Morning.
Andi : May I take some of your time?
Budi : Yes, sure. What can I do for you?
Andi : My name is Andi. I have an assignment to talk with a foreigner.
Budi : Okay then, My name is Budi. I came from England.
Andi : Nice to meet you, Sir.
Budi : Nice to meet you too.
Is a text which presents information
about something, as it is. as a result of
systematic observation and analyses.
General ClassificationStating
: classification of general aspect of things,
animal, public place, plants, etc which will be
discussed in general.

Description :
describes the phenomenon under discussion ; in terms
of parts, qualities, habits or behaviors.
Mosquitoes are flying insects of the family Culicidae and order Diptera. There are around
2.700 species of mosquitoes in the world. It is believed that they have a cosmopolitan
distribution, which means that they can be found anywhere in this world. Some species who
live in a tropical regions are active for the entire year and those who live in cold
regions will go through a hibernation process. They suck blood from various kinds of hosts
such as vertebrates, mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, amphibians and also humans.
Mosquitoes have a small and slender body with the size of 3 mm to 6 mm. The average weight
of a mosquito is 5 mg. As an insect, they also have three segments on their body. They
have two large eyes, antenna, mouth and a proboscis. This tube-like proboscis is used to
pierce the host’s skin and suck their blood. The antenna on their head is used to detect
the odor of the host and also the breeding sites. They have six legs and two wings
attached on their thorax. Their abdomen is the place where they store the blood and their
Mosquitoes actually feed on nectar and plant juices. Some species of mosquitoes suck blood
because they need its nutrients to produce eggs. In fact, some species does not suck blood
at all. Only female mosquitoes suck blood, the male does not need it at all. Female
mosquitoes can live for 42 to 56 days while male mosquitoes only live for 10 days. During
this time, a female mosquito is able to produce 100 to 200 eggs.
Expression of

-That’s right -Absolutely

-You’re right -I certainly agree with
-I know you
-Great idea. -I fully support the
-Fine with me. idea
-Exactly -Why not?
Expession of
-Nothing of the kind!
-I’m sorry, but … -I disagree completely.
-Excuse me, but … -That’s absolutely not
-I don’t know true.
-That’s true, but … -That’s totally
-Absolutely not unacceptable.
-Of course not … -I think you’re totally
Teacher : Okay, class! The field trip’s
destination will be
Borobudur shrine. Do you
agree everyone?
Students : Yes sir, we agree with you.
Example of agreement
Indra : Hello guys!!

Venda, Nia : Hi, Indra!

Indra : Hey, Venda!, yesterday you said that we had to

discuss about a great plan. What is it?

Venda : it’s actually about our class. I need to make our class
more colorful. Do you agree everyone?

Indra : Sounds great!

Example of disagreement
Venda : How about you, Nia?

Nia : Pardon me, but I am afraid that our class advisor will be
angry at us if we don’t ask her first. Maybe she has any another idea.
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . . .
When you ask for permission to use something that
belongs to someone else you have to do your best to
be polite. It is desirable to use the word “please”.

- Can I go out, please?
- May I open the windows,

M : Please daddy, can I use the mobile phone?

Y : No, dear you cant. It’s time to go to bed.
M : May I read a story before I sleep?
Y : Sure! But try to sleep early.
M : Thanks a lot dad.
Definition of Memo
The memo is a concise message, the
message is written someone with a short,
clear, and easy to understand.
To : Ali Zafran, S.Pd.

From : Muhammad Genta, M.Pd.

Date : June 21st, 2013

Subject : Data of School Budget Plan

In the next three weeks, we will make a special meeting with the parents. The meeting will
discuss the plan management for the school budget. We must give a correct understanding of
the funds in details. It is a must because the funds will be used for a school
construction. I personally hope you can make the data in detail. Your data is based on the
financial report for the last six months.