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Propanoic acid

The wastewater is
generated from
purification column
DC-101 in stream 2
Method of Waste Disposal

Wastewater Treatment

Process of converting wastewater which is the water that is

no longer needed or no longer suitable for use into water
that can be discharged back into the environment.

To reduce the contaminants to acceptable levels to make

the water safe for discharge back into the environment.

Biological wastewater treatment plant is used to treat the

plant waste
• The purpose of pre-treatment process is to provide protection to the equipment in
the wastewater treatment plant.
Cost of Total Waste Management
System in the Plant
Equipment Cost
Grit Chamber G101 RM 26045.53
Equalization Tank E101 RM 42678.12
Coagulation Tank CT101 RM 29016.06
Flocculation Tank FT101 RM 1076975.95
Primary Sedimentation Tank ST101 RM 27989.017
Disinfection Tank DT101 RM 25198.346
Total RM 1283872.22
Plant Layout