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•Career Planning and

Concept, Objectives, Process
and Challenges.
• Career Planning and
• Concept
• Objectives
• Process
• Challenges
• Career is all the jobs that are held
during one’s working life. Career as a
sequence of separate but related
work activities that provides
continuity, order and meaning in a
person’s life.
• Career planning is the process by which
one selects career goals and the path of
career goals.
• Career development is the those personal
improvements one undertakes to achieve
a personal career plan.
• Career management is the process of
designing and implementing goals, plans
and strategies to allow the organization to
satisfy employee needs while allowing
individuals to achieve their career goals.
Need for career planning
1. To attract competent persons and to retain
them in the organization
2. To provide suitable promotion opportunities
3. To allow the employees to develop and make
them ready to meet the future challenges.
4. To increasing the utilization of decision-making
skills within an organization
5. To correct employee placement
6. To reduce employee dissatisfaction
7. To improve motivation and morale
Stages of career planning
Exploration Establish Mid Late Decline
P or ment Career Career
E Examination
A Getting
N Transition first job Performance The
C from and increase or elder
E college to being decrease or states Retirement
work establis maintain person
Process of career
1. Analysis of individual skills, knowledge,
abilities, aptitudes etc.
2. Analysis of career opportunities both
within and outside the organization
3. Analysis of career demands on the
current in terms of skills, knowledge,
abilities, aptitude etc. and terms of
qualification, experience and training
4. Relating specific job to different career
5. Establishing realistic goals both short
term and long term
6. Formulating career strategy covering
areas of change and adjustment
7. Preparing and implementing action plan
including acquiring resources for
achieving goals
Careering planning and development model
Dissatisfies with External
Internal career mobility Career Satisfaction
opportunities development


Career Career Providing Performance

Planning development
Matching the Progression in new career
Individual and
the career

Appraising the Upgrading

Develop the
Individual and Transferring
the career and through Promotion Demotion
finding the self development
suitable career Training
conducting by the
Organizations to meet
The career demands
Stapes in career development