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1. Opening reference to upcoming technical visit
2. Suggested discussion topics
3. Tentative schedule for technical visit
4. Suggestions for modifications to agenda
5. Visit details
6. Compensation
7. Last minute preparations
î The agenda and consulting topics can be changed, if necessary. Any
comments or suggestions regarding the aforementioned proposal
would be highly appreciated. If the proposal is acceptable, please
send us Dr. Jones's presentation topics and curriculum vitae as soon
as possible.
î If you would like to add anything to the above topics, please feel free
to let me know.
î Let's use e-mail or Facebook for communication: I believe that this
will be the best way. My fax number is included in the above
î The above schedule is only tentative and I still need to confirm it with
some of my friends. As soon as everything is finalized, I'll let you
know. Let me know if you have any concerns.
î Feel free to contact me if there is anything I can help you with. I hope
you will enjoy the conference and the trip
î ou'll arrive in Taiwan on 5/17. I recommend that you come to
Hsinchu directly from the airport, which is located between Taipei
and Hsinchu. If you prefer, I can arrange for transportation from the
airport to bring you to Hsinchu (you can directly pay the driver). If
this arrangement is agreeable, please let me know your flight
schedule and arrival time. I'll give you more detailed instructions
î I'll pick you up at the hotel and bring you to UCL. ou'll stay at UCL
until the late afternoon. We'll then take a train from Hsinchu to
î ou'll visit ABC's R&D center and give a presentation and discuss
the market potential of Zeolite and Isomerization. In the late
afternoon, you can take a train (by yourself) to Kaoshiung and then
take a taxi to the hotel.
î One of my friends will meet you at the hotel and take you to ABC's
Kaohsiung Refinery. At the Refinery, you will meet with engineers from the
technical department and discuss Xylene isomerization. The Kaohsiung
Refinery's technical department is responsible for all the technical business
conducted at the Kaohsiung Refinery and at the Linyuan Refinery. All
business decisions and transactions, such as catalyst and technology
selection, are handled by this department. My friend has recommended that
you visit this department instead of the Linyuan Refinery. Besides, if time
permits, engineers from the Linyuan Refinery can come to the Kaohsiung
Refinery and attend your meeting. I believe this would be a preferable
arrangement. Following your discussion at the Kaohsiung Refinery, you will
take a plane to Taipei with one of my friends and stay there overnight.
î Sorry, but I'll be unable to accompany you to Kaohsiung. However, once
your trip has been finalized, I'll make all the necessary hotel reservations
and train ticket purchases. I'll be out of town between 5/13 and 5/15. To
ensure that everything has been covered, please let me know your flight
schedule (flight number, arrival time), as well as any suggestions you might
î The sponsors will provide roundtrip airfare and
transportation from Japan to the conference site, as well
as hotel accommodations and living expenses for seven
days (4/23-4/29). We have already faxed the informal
invitation. A formal invitation letter with a complete
program will be sent out by Dr. Johnsee Lee, the
General Director of UCL, ITRI. Please do not hesitate to
contact me if you have any questions.

î The meeting will be held April 25-26, 1994 at the
National Central Library, Taipei. What the speaker can
hopefully prepare We hope that you can give two
lectures, which will be at 13:20-14:05 and 15:10-15:55
(4/25/94), respectively. Please fax us your curriculum
vitae, lecture topics, and half-page abstracts before
January 31, 1994. Also, please send us the complete
papers before March 1, 1994.
î Please fax and send all your materials (i.e., abstracts,
papers and curriculum vitae) to us at FAX No. 035
123456 so that we will have sufficient time for translation
and printing. Our correspondence address is included in
the above fax heading. Thanks in advance for your

î Reception dinners are to be held on the evenings of April 25 and 26,
and there will be a short tour of Taipei on April 29. As mentioned in
my earlier FAX, the sponsors will provide roundtrip airfare (Business
Class) and transportation to the conference site, along with hotel
and living expenses for seven days (4/23-4/29). Please let me know
your arrival and departure times and flight numbers so that we can
give you a ride from the airport to the hotel. Please keep the receipts
from your travel agent for reimbursement.
î I also suggest that you give Mr. Lin a brief description of ABC and
that you send a products portfolio prior to your arrival in Taiwan.
That way, he will have a chance to review those materials before
discussion with you. Much appreciation for your cooperation in this


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