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making hearts smile
Who We are
Child Heart Foundation is a registered NGO
based in Delhi. We have our 12A and 80G
certifications. We support children with
congenital heart defects born in underprivileged
families, Our focus is families who are
financially challenged and can’t meet the
treatment expenses for heart surgery or
intervention. Child Heart Foundation was
conceived by parents who have been through
similar situations and have gotten over with
their tough part of life and now want to “give
back” to the needy families. It was founded by
these 7 parents whose children have already
been treated by Dr. Vikas Kohli. These parents
along with Dr Vikas Kohli are the founding
trustees of the organization.
What We Do

Child Heart Foundation is an NGO which aims to help

children with heart disease born in underprivileged
families and raise funds for them. Our aim is to raise
funds for the poor family unable to bear the treatment
cost of their children.
How we work

Child Heart Foundation works by following these seven


1. Free OPD on every Thursday. Screening of heart defect in

child by pediatric cardiologist Dr. Vikas Kohli.

2. Registering the family under CHF program. After heart

disease is confirmed in the child his family is registered
under CHF. Required documents are Income certificate and
referral letter from a doctor.

3. Scrutiny and Verification of submitted documents by the


4. Family photos and videos is required as a consent.

5. Scrutinizing referral letter and estimate letter from referring

Programmes under which Child
Heart Foundation works

1.HriDAAN: Financial Assistance

Our goal at Child Heart Foundation is to provide support to
the parents whose child is born with congenital heart
disease. We register patients who are diagnosed with
cardiac defect and the family lacks the funds for treatment.
We raise funds for their treatment and get them treated.
2. JeeVANSH: Fetal Cardiology

• During Pregnancy, normal ultrasound is carried

out as general practice but there are certain
congenital diseases which are not visible in normal
ultrasound and can thus get ignored. The need is
therefore to get early screening and detection of
heart defect for appropriate future decisions to be

• At Child Heart Foundation, we are the only

center where this evaluation is done free of charge
for economically poor pregnant women.
3. HriYANSH: Free Pediatric
echo program

We have free OPD for children on every Thursday

• Who because of overload of patients in

government hospitals, have to wait for months
and sometimes years for consultation and

• Who cannot afford private consultation and

echo tests
4. PraDAAN: Cardiac Nutrition
and OPD Counselling for Infants

• Cardiac nutrition becomes an issue in children

with heart disease with large shunt and increased
pulmonary blood flow.

• We at Child Heart Foundation, help these

children by counselling the families and reinforcing
the importance of healthy diet and planned
Community/School Health
• The objective of this program is to create
awareness about the incidence and cause of heart
disease in school going children and to introduce
and educate about the importance of healthy
eating and healthy living.

• This program connects us with the young

children and also with the school/institute staff and
indirectly the individual families thus the impact is
much more.
6. Hridaya Saksham:
Specialized Training for
Pediatric Cardiologists
• A huge gap exists between India's requirements
for pediatric cardiologists and the available
numbers. It is generally recommended that one
infant and new-born heart surgery program is
required for 5-10 million people. This would
translate into a requirement of at least 1,000
pediatric heart centers for all of India. Only about
32 centers and 130 trained pediatric cardiologists
are available.

• In order to bridge the gap, CHF initiated this

program to train medical fraternity in Rural and
semi Urban areas of the Country. This will
increase the screening and diagnosis of children
with CHD.
7.Fundraising: Raising funds
for the Heart Treatment of
• Child Heart Foundation is one of India’s rarest
volunteer parents based nongovernmental
organization. Families and friends play an
important role in raising funds for various projects
which we undertake.

• Funds are raised through few corporate

donations and also by individual donations.

• During 2017-18, We also raised funds through

various crowdfunding sites, this helped us in two

• By running our campaigns on crowdfunding

platforms, we could create a substantial
awareness about congenital heart diseases.

• We connected with individual donors and were

Child Heart Foundation
130 Uday Park, New Delhi 110049
Email id:
Mobile No.: 9999142268
Phone No.: 011-40519163