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Application for the

Declaration of a
Minahang Bayan
Rocky Jake Ngalob
Sec 19 of AO 3 series of 2013

• Extractive
• Intrusive
• Large Scale

Thus, the requirement of the Free Prior and Informed Consent

Application for CP

1. Profile of the Applicant/Proponent

2. Nature and purpose of the project
3. Final/Complete Feasibility Study of the project
4. Location of the proposed project with an indicative map showing the names
of Sitios and Barangays that will be affected
5. General mining plan, preliminary facility designs
6. Abstract of proposed project describing the size, place, reversibility and
7. Specific duration of the proposed project
Application for CP

8. Preliminary assessment of the likely economic, social, cultural and

environmental effects including potential risks and how these will be
9. Indicative budget of the proposed project
10. Profile of persons to be involved in the implementation of the project
11. Operational plan and activities
12. Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Certificate of registration
and other proof registration with appropriate government agencies
Application for CP

13. Articles of cooperation and approved By-Laws

14. Latest audited financial statement (Prepared by an independent Auditor)
15. Additional proof of financial capacity (i.e., Cash Disbursement Receipts,
Bank Statements, Current assets and liabilities, Financial Study)
16. Affidavit of undertaking that the applicant/proponent shall abide with
the FPIC guidelines and other requirements and shall shoulder the cost of the
FPIC process
17. Notarized Board Resolution/Notarized Secretary’s Certificate for
Application for CP

• 18. Special Power of Attorney (SPA) for representatives or

Notarized Secretary’s Certificate/Notarized Board Resolution
• 19. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the proposed project
• 20. Undertaking by the applicant/proponent, written in a language
spoken and understood by the community concerned, that it shall
commit itself to full disclosure of records and information relevant
to the plan, program, project or activity, that would allow the
community to full access to records, documents, material
information and facilities pertinent to the same.
Application for CP

Having complied with the necessary documentary requirements, the

office will issue a work order for the composition of the Field Based
Investigation (FBI) team for validation in consonance with Section 9
of AO 3 Series of 2013
Application for CP

If it was determined by the FBI team that an AD is affected, the

same will recommend for the commencement of the Pre-FPIC in
consonance with Section 21 of AO 3 Series of 2013