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Focus On: Understanding

Renewable Energy

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• Understand what renewable energy is and the

resources and best practices to make it sustainable.

• Understand the economic and community impacts of

renewable energy.

• Learn how you can make an impact by altering your

energy demand and become a more efficient

• Renewable energy is any energy source that is naturally

replenished — those derived from the sun, wind, rain, tides,
waves and geothermal heat.

• Lesson one looks at the current state of electric power

generation and explores the trends that are pointing toward
a different future, relying more heavily on renewable energy.

• Lesson two takes a closer look at the power system and

what operators and communities can do to create
sustainable systems.

• Lesson three looks at ways individuals and communities

can move toward renewable energy and reduce energy

1. In your local community, what types of energy are being used to

generate your electricity? How might the deployment of renewable
energy power systems affect communities?
2. Power Africa works with partners to increase the number of people
with access to power. Can you think of communities in your country
that would benefit from such programs and organizations with which
Power Africa might partner?
3. What appliances and electronics in your house do you think use the
most energy? Which ones use the least? What role do you think
individuals play in the broader picture of renewable energy in their
community? Country?

Have group members play the roles of a “community member”

and also YALI Network renewable energy advocates to inform
that “community member” about renewable energy. Talk about
what renewable energy is and the types that are available to
communities (ie. solar, wind, water). Highlight the benefits (ie.
cost savings) and how weather can play a role.

Pick a specific aspect of those conversations that the YALI

Network renewable energy advocates want to talk to the
“community member” about and perform a 2 minute skit.

Develop an action plan aimed at ways that either an individual

or community can reduce their energy consumption and
incorporate renewable energy, if available.

● Building awareness and hosting additional

#YALIGoesGreen events could also be incorporated into
the action plan.
● Action plans should also include behavior changes
necessary to successfully complete the energy consumption
reduction plans.

• Where do we go from here?

• Exchange contact information and plan to work
together for a future event.
• Find one or two people from today’s session who you
want to collaborate with on a project in the future.