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PASS - DISC Personality

Assessment Assignment
Fantasy novels written by
British author J. K. Rowling.
Chronicles the lives of a
young wizard, Harry Potter,
and his friends Hermione
Granger and Ron Weasley,
all of whom are students at
Hogwarts School of
Witchcraft and Wizardry.
DISC Personality Assessment
of Hogwarts Characters
Harry Potter – “We must all face the choice
between what is right and what is easy”

• Direct
• Strong- willed
• Forceful

• Harry Potter sneaks out all by himself to save the
sorcerer’s stone
• Harry shows great courage when he takes up the
initiative of fighting the basilisk to save Ginny
• Harry, in Goblet of Fire saves Ron as well as Fleur’s
sister, who is not his to save
• In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry drops
out of Hogwarts to go and search for Horcruxes, and
in the beginning, he insists Ron and Hermione go
back to school.
Ronald Weasely - “Don’t let the muggles
let you down”

• Enthusiastic
• Great encourager
• Talkative
• Tends to listen only when it's convenient
• Skipped his last year of school in order to accompany
Harry and Hermione on a hunt to destroy all of Lord
Voldemort’s Horcruxes and fought in the Battle of
• Helped to save Harry's godfather Sirius Black from
the Dementors of Azkaban, forming Dumbledore's
Army and fighting in numerous battles of the Second
Wizarding War
• Got annoyed by what he saw as Hermione showing
off her knowledge of magic, such as when she
corrected him on the pronunciation of the
incantation Wingardium Leviosa
Hermione Granger
“Undetectable Extension Charm. Tricky, but I think I've
done it okay; anyway, I managed to fit everything we
need in here... I told you at the Burrow, I've had the
essentials packed for days, you know, in case we
needed to make a quick getaway."
—Hermione has the foresight to have supplies packed
in advance

• Task-oriented traits often exhibit
• Cautious and careful behaviors.
• Usually focus on facts, rules, and correctness.

• Hermione strictly followed all school rules and tried to
prevent other students from breaking rules and getting into
• Referred to as a "insufferable know-it-all “ by Professor
• Hermione played a crucial role in the discovery of
the Chamber of Secrets
• Hermione was granted permission to use a Time-
Turner from the Ministry of Magic to facilitate her will to study
far more subjects than was possible without time travel.
Neville Longbottom - "You can't go out, you'll be
caught again. Gryffindor will be in even more
trouble... I won't let you do it. I'll — I'll fight you!"
—Neville bravely standing up to his friends

• Loyal team worker & Compliant towards authority
• Resists change & Takes a long time to adjust to change.
• Team player, friendly & recognition for loyalty and

• Stood up against his friends when they were about to do
something wrong as he didn’t want to break the rules –
showed bravery
• Team player - Neville helped Harry get into Gryffindor
Tower as Harry had not learned the new password yet, and
defended him during a verbal fight.
• Loyal – when the Death Eater seized Neville, Bellatrix
Lestrange tortured Neville with the Cruciatus Curse, but still
Neville told Harry not to hand the prophecy over.
DISC Personality
1 Assessment of Leader

Bill Gates – Microsoft

Bill Gates
• Analytical
• Values accuracy and standards
• Task-focused
• His decision to divorce IBM stands as one of his
best. Microsoft took control over its own destiny
and built itself around Windows and Office.

• Gates’ business acumen helped him deliver a

wide line of products to a broader market

• He established a mission for Microsoft that was

ambitious at the time: a computer on every
desktop and in every home, running Microsoft
Bill Gates

◉ Strengths ◉ Weaknesses
• Negotiation and industry partnership • Needs clear cut boundaries for actions
skills, which is how Microsoft managed and relations- he lacked managerial
to dominate the industry and skills, and hence delegated tasks by
suppressed its competitors hiring people
• Focused on his key strengths which • Desire for a controlled, organized work
were his engineering skills, and environment with minimal changes- Bill
aggressively recruited people to create had a difficult time figuring out how to
high performance and standards in the respond to the opportunity/threat of the
organization Internet.
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