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Authority and

According to Herbert & Edward – Power is the
ability to influence the behavior of others

According to Hans Margenthau – By power we

mean power by man over the minds and action
other man.

According to Maciver – by the possession of power

we mean the capacity to centralize, regulate or
direct the behavior of person or things.
• The word authority is derived from the Old Roman
notion “Auctor” or “ Auctoritos” ; which generally meant
counsel or advice
• Indicating the legitimate or socially approved use of
power. It is the legitimate power which one person or a
group holds and exercises over another.
According to Maciver – “ Authority is often defined as being
power, the power to command obedience”.
According to Herbert – “ Authority as the power to make
decision which guides the actions of another”.
Authority is always expressed for regulating
external behavior of individuals or group of
individuals, through speech and written words and
no by brute force

Power can be exerted by the use of force or

violence. Authority, by contrast, depends on the
acceptance by subordinates of the right of those
above them to give them orders or directives.
The term legitimacy is derived from the latin word
“Legitmus” which means lawful.
• According to Jean - Legitimacy can be defined as the
extent to which the population accept naturally, without
questioning, the organization to which it belongs.

• According to J. C. Piano – Legitimacy means the quality of

being justified or willingly accepted by subordinates that
converts the exercise of political power into rightful
Legitimacy in a simple sense is derivative of legitimate
which mean allowed by the law or rules or something which
is able to be defended with reasoning
Use of a force or coercion or sanctions may be resorted to
only when legitimacy fails to work.
Legitimacy is based on respect and willing compliance.
• Rests on an established belief in the sanctity of
immemorial traditions and Legitimacy of the
status of those exercising under them.
• Passed down generation to generation.
• Power legitimized by respect for long-established
cultural patterns.
• Based on belief in tradition.
• Existed right on the very beginning.
• Power legitimized by extraordinary personal abilities that
inspire devotion and obedience.

• Rests on devotion to the specifics and exceptional sanctity,

heroism or exemplary character of an individual person.
• Also known as bureaucratic authority, is when power is
legitimized by legally enacted rules and regulations such as
• Emanates from the political office held by where he/she is
appointed through the prescribed procedure
Generally found in Democratic System of Govt.