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Compassion at Work

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What is Compassion?

Sympathetic pity and concern for the

sufferings or misfortunes of others

Compassion at Work: an interpersonal

process involving the noticing, feeling, sense
making, and acting that alleviates the
suffering of another person in
What is Compassion?

from Old French compassion "sympathy, pity" (12c.),

from Late Latin compassionem (nominative compassio)

"sympathy," noun of state from past participle stem
of compati "to feel pity," from com "with, together"
(see com-) + pati "to suffer"
(see passion). (

“Oh! Poor You…”

“I’m Sorry about what
happened to you”


“I understand what you’re feeling,

I’ve been there”
“I see your pain and I understand”


“I am motivated to help”
“How do you need me to help?”
Benefits and Disadvantage

Benefits Disadvantages
 Increase employee retention  Could raise injustice issue
 Decreased Stress
 Might seems unprofessional
 Increase productivity
 Boss can be seen weak
 Improve health
 Hard to take difficult
 Better customer service decision if we get too close
 Stronger connections
between coworkers
Compassion vs.

 An individual who shows consideration and respect for

others demonstrates a commitment to professionalism.
Likewise, a person who keeps his or her word,
demonstrates loyalty, and exceeds expectations is
demonstrating professionalism.

 There are four key elements that demonstrate a professional

attitude. These are:
 Treat other with respect
 Keep your word
 Be loyal
 Exceed expectations
How do we apply Compassion at

Noticing Interpretation Feeling Acting

Paying Attention Considering Empathizing with Taking

to clues that people’s suffering others. Simple Compassionate
might suggest to be real and gesture to action can be
someone is worthy increase improvised from
suffering. Tone of connection the circumstances
voice, body and tailored to
language, unusual meet needs of the
work pattern person suffering

gently asking in private Actively encountered Build relationship that Offering work flexibility,
about what might be naturally encourage our emphatic listening,
going on emphatic response reassurance around job

When people come together in a supportive environment,

and they feel safe from competition, there is less fear of
failure, which results in greater fortitude. These are
helpful qualities to have in any work environment.
With this, bonds are formed, trust is established, and a
willingness to collaborate on projects and shared visions
becomes the driving force behind our intentions.