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By Group – 6
Ayush Dadhania – 171409
Anurag Singh – 171311
Om Prakash - 171438
Tanya Raghav – 171361
Yatendra Verma - 171262
◇ Majority of farmers owned land between 5-15 bighas.
◇ The major crop was wheat and rice in Sathal and two seasons of
rice in Ambethi.
◇ Farmers sell their produce in Dholka market where though auction
takes place.
◇ 90% felt they did not get the fair price.
◇ Transportation to market is taken care by the farmer which costs
around Rs 2000 for 1 visit of market with 1 tractor.
◇ None of the farmers were aware of any app or website which they
can use for advices regarding arming and selling their produce.
• Most of the villagers were dependent on local shops for information
about fertilizers and seed.
• Local shops many time misguided them and low quality products were
also sold.
• All farmers were having internet enabled smartphones in their homes.
• 75% of them were actively using smartphones including social media
• All of them were ready to use smartphone app which helps them gather
information about farming and helps them sell their products.

◇ Exploitation of small & medium farmers by middlemen
◇ Lack of awareness of Government schemes & policies
◇ Resources utilized in transportation of produce
◇ No concept of Minimum Support Price
◇ Single crop production
◇ Lack of finance for HYV seeds & other equipment
◇ No defined distribution network
◇ No alternate source of income

Product Life Cycle
Stage Promotion

Introduction Awareness and App

installation by sales

Growth Add on features in the

App like weather for
crop, additional crops
which can be grown
Maturity Logistics assistance to
farmers & soil testing

4P’s of E-mandi
Product Price
◇ Website ◇ Free for seller i.e. farmers
◇ Mobile app ◇ Fix commission rate for buyer i.e.
traders and
wholesalers/manufacturing units –
very minimal rate

Place Promotion
◇ Online channel only ◇ Gram panchayat
◇ Access centers at Gram panchayat ◇ APMCs
◇ Post offices can also be used as an ◇ Online – Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
access point to attract early users
◇ Advertising in TV, radio and
newspaper + Haat, mela, etc
4A’s of E-mandi
Availability Affordability
◇ Highly available and accessible to ◇ Free for farmers – no added cost
everyone as internet do not have ◇ Farmers do not have to spend
any screening methodology additional money in logistics to take
◇ Emergence of inexpensive internet crop to APMCs for selling
services make internet feasible to ◇ Rate can be compared wit regional
villages market and farmers can get better
Acceptability Awareness
◇ Emergence of Jio and other internet ◇ Awareness can be generated by
services has made farmers familiar promotional strategy mentioned
with internet before
◇ Though it is difficult to gain ◇ However, to facilitate, additional
acceptability for online training to a key personal in every
transactions, the financial benefits village should be given for hassle
from E-mandi will motivate them free operation
◇ It will bring digital revolution in rural and can be seen as strategic
◇ The application can be designed in the future using 2 more disruptive
technologies i.e. cloud and analytics. Any body in the supply chain can
use it.
◇ We can also include precise usage of pesticides and fertilizers, farm
and farmer related news, weather forecast and advisory.
◇ It will help the farmers in identifying problems that affects their crops
at the right time and suggests corrective actions.

◇ Farm Nutrition can be included to provide general and personalized
nutrient recommendations.
◇ It can also enable farmers to access all the information related to
“High value, low product” category crops from varieties, soil/ climate,
to harvesting and storage procedures.
◇ An option to chat with experts, video-based learning, the latest news,
online markets for fertilizers, insecticides etc.
◇ We can also include crop insurance option in future to help farmers to
calculate insurance premium for notified crops and provides
information cut-off dates and company contacts for their crop and

Process Map
Without E-Mandi

With E-Mandi

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