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II. Slogan
III. Vission
IV. Mission
V. Core Values
VI. Product
1. Level product
2. The product mix
3. Product level strategies
4. Branding
5. Packaging
I- Establishment
II - Slogan
III - Vission

To become a world grade brand in food and beverage industry,

where people put all their trust in nutrient and health products
IV - Mission

To deliver the valuable nutrition to community with our respect,

love and responsibility
V – Core Values
To become a world grade brand in +FAIRNESS
food and beverage industry, where To be fair with employees ,
people put all their trust in customers, suppliers and other
nutrient and health products. parties.
+INTEGRITY To respect the established ethical
standards and act accordingly
Integrity and transparency in
actions and transactions.
To comply with legal regulations, the
+RESPECT Company’s Code of Conduct, and the
To have self-respect, to respect Company’s procedures and policies.
colleagues. To respect the
Company and partners. To
cooperate with respect.

1. Level product
a) Core benefit level:
b) Expected product level :
c) Augmented:
b) Expected
2. The Product Mix

*** Length :
2. The Product Mix

*** Width:
2. The Product Mix

*** Depth:
2. The Product Mix

*** Consistency:
- All the products of Vinamilk has the identical is to
provide nutrients
3. Product Level Strategies

a) Product – filling:
3. Product Level Strategies

b) Line – stretching:
*** upstream stretch:
3. Product Level Strategies

*** downstream stretch:

*** two – way stretch:


*** Advantages :
- High consumer awareness
- Strong brand loyalty
- Helps when introducing new products
- Less succeptible to price competition
*** Logo Vinamilk meaning :

- Logo’s Vinamilk is designed to be quite flexible with two forms: Horizontal and
vertical with two basic blue and white colors. The two colors are the most gentle
and pure. Green symbolizes nature, grassland, nutrition sources and creates a
close feeling for customers. White color represents milk and milk products. The
outside is a circle like protection and protection. Inside it is a letter of stylized VM
that is connected to each other to form a milk line. M '' means milk (milk). That is
the abbreviation for Vinamilk

*** Vinamilk word analysis :

- Vina : That is the abbreviation for Việt Nam
- Milk : That is a source of milk from Việt Nam
5. Packing

Companies sometimes change packing to update their image and

seach a new market
*** Benefits:
- Definding product identify
- Providing information
- Expressing customer needs
- Ensure safe use
- Protecting the product