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Performance of
Let us look at the sources where
people are visiting our website
One month analysis
 If we look at the data of past one month then we can see that the
highest traffic on our website was on 30th of August which was 34
 Out of this 34 times our site got open, 25 times it was opened directly
with the name of website. This was done mostly by us.
 On that very day we shared our post on Facebook and we can see
that 6 people came to our website with the FB referral.
 Last 3 were opened by google search(when we search on google
as and click our website.
 Then we can see there is a huge fall in the visitors day by day.
 Talking about yesterday, our website was opened just 3 times with
fb(mobile), fb referral and direct, One with each.
One week analysis

 On 13th of Sep there were no visitors on our website

 On 14th of Sep our website was opened just once with the name
directly on the address bar.
 On 15th of Sep it was opened twice again with the name on address
bar, 16th of Sep is just as same as 15th.
 Here is a catch, our website was visited 9 times on 17th of Sep where
5 views were based on fb referrals(more than 50%)
 The thing here to notice is Akash Ji had changed the cover pic on
the same day but it was done late in the evening(5:38PM)
 The same thing again pitched us on 18th of Sep when our visitors
hiked up to 11 where 8 were again from fb referrals and 3 times it
was directly opened.
 This was again because of the same thing which is change of cover
 As we can notice the traffic we are getting here is mostly constitute
of fb users.
 If we can integrate a system in which we can ask the people who
are getting to our websites through fb, is this helpful for you then it
must go with the same path and promote in on the FB platform.

 If we are not getting traffics even we are getting our post to the live
audience. According to me there are only two possibility.
 First one is we are not into the right audience and the second one is
the we are not giving the right catchy heading which should drag
people around our post and interests them adequately.
One week analysis
 If we look at previous week chart then it is clear that there were 11
users in total
 Out of this 11 users 7 were new users to the website who have never
opened our website before. Means there is a medium by which we
are catching peoples.
 The reason why I am saying this is the average session of this 11 users
on our website is 7 minutes and 31 seconds.
 The average pages opened by these 11 users were 6.21. This means
that we are improving the content which is being liked by people as
they are reading it.
Now coming to the geographical location
where our website is being opened

 As discussed earlier, our website was opened just by 11 users out of

which 9 were from Delhi.
 There is a huge possibility that it must be one of us to open the website.
 1 is from Bihar and 1 is from UP
 Whoever has opened it in UP closed it in fraction of second as the
session possessed by him is showing as 0 sec. This means he might be
looking for something else.
 The visitor who opened the website in Bihar has opened our website
two times and opened 5 different pages. This is interesting that even
after opening these 5 pages he/she again went through our website
and spend more than 2 minutes.
 This is known as a win win situation when the same user come to the
website again and again.
Which page of is
being visited the most
 It is obvious that homepage will open at first and everyone will go by
this to the concerned area of interest.
 So, leaving the homepage the topic which interest people the most
is Dairy section and khetibari section which has been visited by
more than 10 people each.
 Coming to a conclusion with the behavior, people has not given
more than 10 sec to this section and went to the Dairy Vikas Card
 This topic seems them interesting as people have spend nearby 3
minutes to read this topic.
 The same goes with PM Fasal Bima Yojana topic.
 Both of them reflected the same behavior.
We can discuss these topics and
get to a conclusion that what
should be the strategy for our
next move
Promotion of on
We can target the audience to some
particular area
 We can give it a shot and see by what rate the people are coming
to our website and weather they are finding the content useful or
 We can judge people inn live market as the people who have
interest in some particular post of our website will come to their
concerned post
 Now we can track the time spend by him/her for that page.
 This is the most important part, weather he opens some other links or
just go out of the website.
 This will give us a clear idea that where we are lacking behind and
the area of improvement.
Things to improve starts from this