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 Security, Safety

 Various types of Loans

 Saving and Deposit facility
 ATM Services
 Money Transfer
 Core banking, Internet banking, Mobile
 Decidethe Type of Bank Account you want
to Open :

Saving Account, Recurring Account, Fixed

Deposit Account and Current Account.
 Saving deposit
 Fixed deposit
 Current deposit
 Recurring deposit
Current account Saving account

 day to day  safe and potentially

transactions profitable
 No interest  Interest on deposit
 Unlimited transaction  Limited transaction
Fixed deposit Recurring deposit

 Lump-some, specific  Regular income every

month, fixed amount for a
time interval specific time interval

 Longer the period  Interest rate depends

upon the maturity period
greater the interest
rate.  Partial withdrawal is not
 Premature and partial applicable
withdrawal facilities are
 TDS not applicable
 TDS applicable
 Approach any Bank of choice & meet its
Bank Officer:

The bank officer will provide a proposal

form (Account Opening Form) to open bank
 Fill
up Bank Account Opening Form -
Proposal Form:

Necessary details regarding name, address,

occupation and other details must be filled in
wherever required. Two or three specimen
signatures are required on the specimen
signature card, latest photograph for the The
proposal form.
 Give
References for Opening your Bank

The introducer introduces by signing his

specimen signature in the column meant for
the purpose The reference or introduction is
required to safeguard the interest of the bank.
 Submit
Bank Account Opening Form and

The duly filled in proposal form must be

submitted to the bank along with necessary
 Application in the Prescribed Form
 Photo ID proof: Three copies of either a PAN Card /
Voters ID / Passport / Driving License (Learners also
acceptable) / UID (Aadhaar) are required as the customer's
photo identity proof .
 Address proof: Telephone bill / Electricity bill / Bank
statement not more than 3 months old / Bank Passbook /
Ration Card/ Passport / Voter Id Card/ Registered Lease or
Sale Agreement for Residence/ Driving License / Flat
Maintenance bill / Insurance copy
 The name & address on the proof should match with the
name, residence address mentioned on the application
 Officer
will verify your Bank Account
Opening Form:

He checks whether the form is complete in

all respects or not.
 Deposit
initial amount in newly opened
Bank Account:

After getting the proposal form cleared, the

necessary amount is deposited in the bank.
After depositing the initial money, the bank
provides a pass book, a cheque book and pay in
slip book in the case of savings account