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The management talk deals with

the enforcement of classroom
activities, such as entering the
class, greeting students, arranging
the students’ seats, calling the rolls
or checking the students’ presence,
and dealing with lateness.
Management talk consists of
transactional expressions that are
used to manage the interaction in
the class from the very beginning
to the very end of the class session.

1. Beginning the lesson

2. Running the Class
3. Ending/Closing the lesson

Entering the classroom

Everyday greeting
Meeting a new class
Taking the Register
Being Late and Dealing with lateness
Getting down to start
Management talk
of Entering the Classroom

Teacher Talk
• Assalamu alaykum (warahmatullahi
Student Talk
• Waalaykumussalam
• Let’s go in.
• Let’s go inside.
• Come on in and sit down.
• Yes , Sir/Madam.
• Let’s go into the classroom.
• I’ll open /unlock the door and let you
• Hurry up!
• Please leave the door open
• Is this Class A?
• Am I in the right room?
Management Talk
of Everyday Greeting

Teacher Talk
Student Talk
• Assalamu alaykum (warahmatullahi
• Waalaykumussalam
(warahmatullahi wabarakatuh).
• Good morning/afternoon …
• Good morning/afternoon
• Hello, … everyone/everybody.
• We’re fine, and you Sir/Madam?
• How are you all today?
• Fine.
• How are you getting on?
• Thank you Sir/Madam.
• How are things?
• How’s everyone /everybody feeling
• How’s life?
• I hope you are all feeling well/fit
• What a lovely day!
Management Talk
of Meeting a New Class

Teacher talk
Assalamu alaykum (warahmatullahi
Good morning/afternoon, Is this Class …. (A,B,
C etc. )?
Welcome , everybody/everyone.
Welcome to all of you.
I’d like to welcome you all to this course.
Hello class, this is my first time to teach you.
Let me introduce myself.
Allow me to introduce myself.
Let me tell you something about myself.
My name is Mr./Mrs./Ms. ...
I’m your new English teacher.
It’s nice to meet you all.
I’m very pleased to meet you all.
Management Talk
of Meeting a New Class

Student talk
 Waalaykumussalam (warahmatullahi
 Good morning/afternoon, Sir/Madam. That’s
right Sir/Madam. This is Class … (A,B, or C, etc.).
 Thank you. That’s very kind of you Sir/Madam.
I see.
Nice to meet you, too Sir/Madam
Management Talk
of Taking the Register
Teacher Talk
• May I have your
attention, please call the roll/your names.
• Attention, please take/check/mark the register.
• Quiet, now, please I’m going to… take/check attendance.
• Right I’ll… check if everyone’s here.
• Now Check who ‘s here.
• OK

Raise your hand and say: Yes… / Here…/ Present…, (Sir /Madam).

Student Talk/Response
Yes ,Sir/Madam. Here, Sir/Madam. Present, Sir/Madam.
Management Talk
of Taking the Register
Teacher Talk Student Talk/Response

Let’s see if everyone’s here. Yes, Sir/Madam.

Are you all here? No. Joseph isn’t here yet.
Is everybody here?

Does anybody know where…

(Sherly, Linda, Gloria) is? Sorry, we don’t know, Sir/Madam.
Has anybody seen …(Sherly, Linda, Yes, she is still in hospital, Sir/Madam.
Gloria)today? They’ll be here in a minute, Sir/Madam.
Where are John and Jane? Any

Who isn’t here today? Joseph isn’t here yet.

Is anyone/absent/away/missing? Joseph is.
Who is absent ?
Management Talk
of Dealing with Lateness

Student Talk
Assalamu Alaykum (Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh)
I’m very sorry to be late, Sir/Madam.
I’m awfully sorry to be very late, Sir/Madam.
My apologies for arriving late, Sir/Madam.
I overslept.
I got up late.
I missed the bus.
The bus was late.
I got stuck in the traffic.
I got a traffic jam.
My motor cycle/ car got a flat tire.
May I come in?
Management Talk
of Dealing with Lateness
Teacher Talk
Waalaykumussalam (Warahmatullahi Wabarakutuh)
Why are you late?
Did you stay up late?
Did you get up late?
Did you miss the bus?
Was the bus late?
Did you get stuck in the traffic?
Were you in a traffic jam?
That’s all right.
I see.
OK, this time.
Never mind this time.
It doesn’t matter this time.
Try to be on time next time.
Don’t let it happen again.
Let this be the last time.
Come in and sit down. We’ve already started.
Management Talk
of Getting down to Start


Well, everybody. Let’s start the lesson

All right class. I think we can start now.
OK, everybody. Let’s get on with the
lesson now.
Hello everybody. Give me your sweetest
smile to start the lesson.

• Beginning with revision

• Starting something new
• Telling the objectives
• Making things clear/Checking students’
• Sequencing activities
• Checking progress
• Taking Turns
Management Talk
of Beginning with revision

can anyone in the

Well, who can tell us discussed previous
Right, Can you … tell the class what we talked about lesson?
OK, (Tanya/Suzan) summarize studied last time.

Well, Let me review /summarize the previous lesson before we begin the
Right, new material.

Well, before we move on to

Right, let’s go over the last lesson briefly something else.
Management Talk
of Starting Something New

our topic today is … Happy Life

Well everybody,
Well class, Open page … (33), you will fill in a CV format.

in this session, you will listen to a lecture on …

learn about … (Humanism)
practice … (asking
do some … (role
Management Talk
of Telling the Objectives of the Lesson

be able to

At the end of this session

you will …

By the end of this lesson you

are expected to… have in-depth understanding
Management Talk
of Making Things Clear/Checking Students’
Teacher Talk
Is everything clear?
Am I clear? Student Talk
Is that clear? Everything is clear as crystal.
Are you clear about what to do/how to do Excuse me, Sir/Madam:
it/what I mean? I wonder if you could repeat …
Have you all understood? (Part A/C) again.
Do you understand everything?
Do you follow me?
Number… ( 3/7) is still unclear
Got it? to me.
Are there any questions before we start/move I’m a little bit confused of
on/go on? what to do and how to do …
Has any body got a questions about what to (Part B/D)
Any questions?
Please raise your hand if you don’t understand.
Who still doesn’t understand what they’ve got
to do?
Shall I repeat the instruction again/ go over it
Management Talk
of Making Things Clear/Checking Students’
Understanding (b)

Student Talk
Teacher Talk Yes, Sir/Madam.
Excuse me, Sir/Madam:
Are you with me?
I ‘m afraid, I didn’t quite
Did you get the idea?
catch the whole points,
Has everyone got the idea?
especially … (the last part
Did everyone catch what I mean?
of the instructions).
Did everyone hear what I said?
Management Talk
of Sequencing Activities (a)

First, • We’re going to review the last lesson.

Firstly, • I’d like to check your homework.
• We’re going to practice asking questions
First of all, about… (past activities).
• I would like you to listen to a short
To begin with, dialogue on … (Juvenile Delinquency)
• You’re going to listen to a short lecture on
For the first thing, … (Creativity).

•you are to do some reading/ writing.

For the next thing, •I want you to work individually.
Next, •please find a partner to work with.
•I would like you to get into threes
•I want you to work in groups of four
Management Talk
of Sequencing Activities (b)

• Listening/Reading for
• General ideas
From that we’ll continue/go on with • The key points
… • Specific details
In fifteen minutes, you’re going to do • Relevant information
… • The organization of
the text
In half an hour, I want you to do …
• The sequence of
Management Talk
of Sequencing Activities (c)

Near the end of the lesson,

•Each group is to report
At the end of the lesson , their consensus.
To finish(off) with, •Each group gives their
For the last thing, comments on other
Last but not least, groups’ work.
Just before we finish, •I want everybody to write a
summary of what we have
Management Talk
of Checking Progress
Teacher Talk

 Which question/part/number are you on? Student Talk/Response

 Has everybody finished number … (7/10)? • We are still working on …
 Put your hand up if you need help. (part B/C) Sir/Madam.
 Raise your hand if you are stuck. • Number … (8/9) is a little
 Is there anyone who needs help? bit confusing, Sir/Madam.
 Is everything OK? • I need …. (5/10) more
 Is there any problem? minutes, Sir/Madam.
 Ask me if you’re not sure.
 I’ll come round and check.
 What about number … (11/13)? Can everybody
manage it?
 Who is finding number… (4/5))difficult?
 Are you still on Part… (A/B/C)?
 Are you (all) done?
 Are you (all) finished?
Management Talk
of Taking Turns
I’ll give everybody a turn to speak/
Who’s going to start/begin?
comment, starting from … (Dzaky).

Now let Ann have a turn, first. Next, it’s your turn … (to read), …

Now , you Rara Let’s give someone else a chance.

Have I missed/forgotten
Who hasn’t had a turn?

Yes, your turn, Dzany Yes, Naila, you have a go.


Checking the time

Setting taking home assignment
Stopping work
Making announcement
Ending the lesson
Saying good bye
Clearing the class
Management Talk
of Checking the Time

What time is it?

We’re almost finished.
We’re almost done.
We’re not through yet.
We still have a couple of minutes left.
Carry on with what you’re doing until the
bell goes.
If you are done/finished, sit quietly until the
bell goes.
Management Talk
of Stopping the Activities

Teacher Talk Teacher Talk

• OK, everybody. Two more

minutes. • We’ve spent long enough on this.
• You will have to finish in a minute. • All right, stop now.
• I’ll have to stop you in two • Stop what you’re doing.
minutes. • Finish up.
• A couple more minutes. • Put your pens/pencils down.
• A couple of minutes more. • We’ll have a break before going
• One minute left/remaining/to go. on.
• Have you finished? • You can take /have a two -minute
• Are you done/through? break.
• (Has) everybody finished? • We can take our coffee break
• Right. That’s enough. now.
• That’s enough for now.
Management Talk
of Setting Taking Home Assignment

for you homework please do

exercise 99. The deadline for the
submission is next … (Tuesday/
Well, as your homework please read
Right, Chapter 7 then answer the
OK , questions that follow
Make sure that you hand it in
by Friday.
summarize/paraphrase paragraph 5
Management Talk
of Making Announcement

• Attention, please
• Wait a moment,
please • Next time we won’t meet in
• Can everybody listen this room but in the next
to me for a second, room.
please. I have some announcements to • Don’t forget the English club
• Just hold on a minute, make before you go. meeting tomorrow morning
please in R. 01.
• One more thing before • There won’t bed any class
we go, from me next Friday.
• Hang on a second,
Management Talk
of Ending the Lesson
• Teacher talk

Right, Let’s conclude our meeting/lesson/
We have come to the end of
OK , session today by reciting/saying
our class today
Now, Alhamdulillahi rabbil alamiyn.
Management Talk
of Ending the Lesson
• Student Talk

Thank you
very much, Sir It was a very
Alhamdulillahi rabbil alamiyn.
/Madam good/useful/meaningfull
Management Talk
of Saying Good Bye
• Teacher Talk

• Bye now
Thank you very • Bye-bye everyone
much for your • See you Billahittaufiq walhidayah, Assalamu
kind attention, • Take care Alaykum Warahmatullahi
• Enjoy the rest of the day Wabarakutuh.
• I wish all the very best
Management Talk
of Saying Good Bye
• Student Talk/Response

• You’re most
welcome, Waalaykumussalam
Sir/Madam • Same to you, (Sir/Madam)
Warahmatullahi Wabarakutuh.
Management Talk
of Clearing the Class
• Teacher Talk

• Hurry up and leave the class quietly.

• Take all your belongings with you.
• Make sure you don’t leave anything
• Please clear everything away.

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