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The Impact of the Green

Supply Chain Management

on Environmental-Based
Marketing Performace

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Big concept
■ The results of the research showed that the 7 elements of the
Green Supply Chain Management
■ “Internal Environmental Management, Green Purchasing, Green
Information Systems, Cooperation with Customers, Eco-Design and
Packaging, and Investment Recovery”
■ practices affected the environmental-based marketing
1. Introduction
The case companies : NUQULGROUP in Jordan
■ multinational company in various fields of
industry, such as automotive, printing,
construction, stationery, paper producer, etc.
■ Nuqul has implemented
environmentally friendly technologies at
their plants and mills. It makes good
business sense to use resources
■ In all Nuqul’s paper mills, they ensure
that environmental care has been taken
at all points along the production chain
■ It is worthy of note that not all of the
Nuqul group’s firms are certified for ISO
14001 Standards, and that also some
firms are certified for the ISO14001
certificate but lose their certification
due to the difficulties in applying these
What is Green Supply Chain
Management (GSCP)?
■ GSCM is a series of activities implemented by the
business organization itself and throughout the
supply chain system, from raw materials to
finished products to consumers with a focus on
reducing and minimizing the impacts of various
business process activities (eg logistics,
production processes, etc.) to the environment.
Elements of Supply Chain
1. Internal Environmental
■ To embed Green in the supply chain
of a company, it starts from an
increased level of corporate
management level commitment.
Because at the management level it
is important decisions concerning 2. Green Information Systems
the way the company is done. The ■ GSCM management using sophisticated
formation of the Green mindset information systems will facilitate the
should start from the company's implementation of GSCM. Activities such
internal before it is widened to other as data retrieval and information for GSCM
corporate partners. development will be greatly assisted.
Elements of Supply Chain
3. Green Purchasing
■ Purchasing is a definite activity in
every company, both in
manufacturing and services industry.
In the aspect of green purchasing,
the focus to be highlighted here is
from how the company chooses
suppliers that are able to meet the 4. Cooperation with Customers
company’s demands regarding the ■ Because supply chains are also linked
environmental aspects. forward (customer) and not just backward
(supplier), then the customer can also be
considered as a partner. In this case, the
cooperation must be done with the
customer in the form of knowing all
customer needs related to Green concept.
Elements of Supply Chain
5. Eco-Design & Packaging
■ This aspect basically requires
companies to be able to apply Green
concepts to their product design
level and to their product packaging.
The methods undertaken are
through Design for Enviroment
(DfE) with the following stages: 6. Investment Recovery
Assessing the impact of the product ■ In addition to other things that are directly
on the environment with Life Cycle related to the environment, GSCM also pay
Assessment (LCA), conducting attention to things that indirectly affect the
market research, generating ideas, company's impact on the environment,
alternatives and innovations from one of which is how the inventory of a
brainstorming, choosing strategies to company is controlled and managed so
run on products, designing products that it can minimize waste and emissions
that have minimal impact on the of logistics. In fact, companies with small
environment. inventory levels will also have good
environmental performance.
Conceptual research model.
Research Methodology

The study was conducted on a company that has been

certified ISO14001 with a total of 643 employees. The
study method used by the authors is to use a questionnaire
on a scale of 1-5 that contains questions about disagreeing
or agreeing to the GSCM statement affecting
Environmental-Based Marketing.

The sample that is used in this study is the stratified

convenience sampling, where the study targeted the
and middle managerial levels from the population, and
the targeted managerial levels are contains (167)
in the five companies together. 125 questionnaires
have been distributed for the five companies targeted
with (25) questionnaires for each company. The
Testing the

Ho.1: There is no
impact of overall
dimensions of
Green Supply
Chain Management
on the
The impact of GSCM’s elements on
environmental-based marketing
Internal Enviromental Management produces the value of β =
0.288 and significant level of 0.036 so that it affects
Environmental-Based Marketing
Green Information Systems produces values β = 0.25 and 0.013
significant level so that it affects Environmental-Based Marketing
Green Purchasing produces value β = 0.445 and a significant level
of 0.006 so that it affects Environmental-Based Marketing
Cooperation with Customers produces values β = 0.352 and a
significant level of 0.001 so that it affects Environmental-Based
Eco-Design and Packaging produces value of β = 0.293 and
significant level of 0.002 so that it affects Environmental-Based
Investment Recovery yields value β = 0.244 and significant level
of 0.009 so that it affects Environmental-Based Marketing
Journal of Service Science and Management, 2015
Suleiman A. Al Khattab1*, As’ad H. Abu-Rumman2, Ma’n
Mustafa Massad2
1Department of Business Administration, Al Hussein Bin Talal
University, Ma’an, Jordan
2Department of Marketing, Applied Science Private University,
Amman, Jordan
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