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Crypto Bounce Back

Consumer Perspective
Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies
could have turned a corner after a bruising
nine months that has seen bitcoin lose some
60% of its value.

That's the opinion of former macro hedge

fund manager Michael Novogratz, who has
said the bitcoin price sell-off has hit
its bottom and that many major
cryptocurrencies are about to bounce
"Bitcoin has held $6,000. Yes, it is off its highs, but it
has established itself as a store of value,” Novogratz
was reported by Reuters as saying. “ institutions are
moving towards investing. It’s shocking how much
has happened."
Big Banks are Investing Heavily in
Blockchain and Crypto: $364 Billion
Investment Firm

Throughout last year and into 2018 many of

the world's biggest banks, have mulled
getting into cryptocurrency.

JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of

According to a recent survey conducted by
Blockchain Capital, 30% of those in the 18-
to-34-age range would rather invest $1,000
in Blockchain than $1,000 in government
bonds or stocks.
Steve Chiavarone, a portfolio
manager at Federated
Investors, a US-based
investment firm that oversees
$364 billion in customer assets,
stated that blockchain
technology will drive the fourth
industrial revolution, echoing
the stance of many large-scale
investors and politicians,

We think blockchain will one of

five key technologies along with
automation, robotics, AI, and
the Internet of Things,” said
Chiavarone in an interview
with CNBC.
blockchain technology could lead the next
industrial revolution.

Any company that runs supply chains can

benefit from blockchain technology

smart investment strategy

Blockchain is the ledger that holds all the transactions from
genesis of a cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency is the
token traded. It’s called cryptocurrency, because
cryptography is used to secure the validity of the entries on
the blockchain.
To save the cost that is used for
manually doing audits, reconciling,
banking services, and loans and for
providing the other major business
solution as well labor cost for the
supply chain management banks
are using block chain technology.
J.P. Morgan Chase and Citigroup
Barclays, BBVA, Commonwealth Bank of
Australia, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, State
Street, Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS.

 Banco Santander, Danske Bank, Sumitomo

Mitsui Banking Corporation and Westpac,

These technology are very effective for

fulfilling the requirement.

It can easily be expected and predicted

that soon the adopting of the crypto and
blockchain be done by all.