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Correctly answer the question for the amount of

points it is worth.

A typhoon means you can choose another team

to go back to 0 points.

A bomb means you go back to 0 points.


100 100 100 100 100

200 200 200 200 200

300 300 300 300 300

400 400 400 400 400

500 500 500 500 500

A - 100

A ………………is a statement that shows the value

of a company's assets (= things of positive value)
and its debts

balance sheet

selection screen
A - 200
selection screen

Shares can only be issued to equal the total face

value of all the shares of the company, as set
out in the Memorandum of Association.

nominal capital
A - 300
selection screen

The company Articles may allow directors to

raise capital by selling shares.

A - 400
selection screen

If more shares are applied for than the company

has to offer, the company can divide out the

Allot/ allocate
A - 500
selection screen
B – 100
selection screen

Someone who owns shares is known as a


member of the company

B - 200
selection screen

The ownership of share is generally evidenced by a


share certificate
B - 300
selection screen
B - 400
selection screen

The Companies Act requires 75% of the

shareholders to show their opinion about a
special proposal to change the company

vote on/ resolution

B - 500
selection screen

The company will announce publicly that

shareholders are going to be paid a proportion
of the company’s profits.

declare/ a dividend
Q - 100
selection screen

T Current holders of shares may use their

entitlement to by newly issued shares before
they are offered to new shareholders.

exercise the right

Q - 200
selection screen
Q - 300
selection screen

You can postpone paying in full for the shares

until the company requests the unpaid sum.

defer payment
Q – 400
selection screen

The company can offer shares for sale at a

higher value than their par value

issue/ at a premium price

Q – 500
selection screen

A … … is mortgage on an asset that changes in

quantity or value from time to time (such as
stock), to secure the repayment of a loan.

floating charge
Y - 100
selection screen

A … … is a mortgage on a specific fixed-asset

(such as a parcel of land) to secure the
repayment of a loan.

fixed charge
Y – 200
selection screen

…. is a process of floating charge converting into

fixed charged.

Y - 300
selection screen
Y – 400
selection screen

Being …. is unable to pay its debt

Y - 500
selection screen
X - 100
selection screen
X – 200
selection screen

The company’s share asset value is 100K USD

divided into 10000 shares of 10 USD each.

X - 300
selection screen

He had to ….. his house to borrow money from

the bank.

X – 400
selection screen

When the shelf company is bought, the …… is

usually changed

trading name
X - 500
selection screen

When you buy a shelf company, you also

acquires the Certificate of ……