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What are those different layers of the

 Troposphere  -weather occurs in the
troposphere because
 -the layer closest to the layer contains most
Earth surface water vapor.
 -the temperature just  -Air in the troposphere
above the ground is is constantly moving.
hotter than the As a result, aircraft
temperature high flying through the
above troposphere may have
very bumpyride.
 Stratosphere  --It is where we can fing
 -the layer of air that ozone layer. The ozone
extends to about 50km layer absorbs much of the
from Earths surface. sun’s harmful radiation
Many jet aircraft fly in that would otherwise be
the stratosphere because dangerous to plant and
it is very stable. animal life
 Mesosphere  - Meteors or rock
 -layer between 50 km fragments burn up in
and 80 km above the the mesosphere.
Earth’s surface.
 -Air in this layer is very
thin and cold.
 -space shuttles fly in
 Thermosphere
this area and it is also
 - between 80 km and
where auroras are
110 above the surface found. Auroras are
of the earth. caused by when the
solar wind strikes
gases in the
atmosphere above
 Exosphere  Satellites are stationed in
 The upper limit of our this area,500 km to 1000
 This layer of the
atmosphere merges into
What is the basis for dividing
Earth’s atmosphere?
 Atmosphere was
divided into different
layers according to
their temperature
 More than three quarters of Earth’s atmosphere is
made up of nitrogen while one fifth is oxygen.

 These gases not only produce important weather

features such clouds and rain, but also have
considerable influence of overall climate of the Earth,
through the greenhouse effect and global warming.
What is greenhouse effect?
 In temperate countries, a
 In order to understand greenhouse is used to
the greenhouse effect, grow seedlings in the late
you need to first winter and early spring
understand how real and later planted in the
greenhouse work. open field when the
weather is warmer.
 Greenhouse also protect
plants from weather
How does greenhouse work?
 Greenhouse allow
sunlight to enter but
prevent heat from
How does greenhouse compared to Earth?

 Atmosphere contains  They allow sunlight to

nitrogen and oxygen. pass through, resulting
in the warming up of
 Also atmosphere the Earth’s surface.
contains trace gases such
as carbon dioxide, water
vapor, methane and
ozone. Like the glass in a
greenhouse, the trace
gases have similar effect
on the sun’s rays.
What are those greenhouse gases

 These are the trace

gases- carbon dioxide,
water vapor, methane
and ozone.
What is a greenhouse effect?

 The process by which

the Earths atmosphere
warms up.

 Is a natural process and

it warms the Earth.
What happen if the greenhouse is not present? Are
greenhouse gases always give a good result to
Earth ? How

 Earth would be very

cold, too cold for living
things such as animals
and plants.
What is the twin planet of Earth?

 -Venus

 Both Earth and Venus

have carbon dioxide, a
greenhouse gas, in their
atmosphere. The small
amount of carbon
dioxide on Earth gives
the right temperature
for living things to
Is Earth getting warmer? What is the
 Study figure 6 pp. 319  More carbon dioxide
means that more heat is
 What if there is increasing trapped in Earth’s
emission of greenhouse atmosphere resulting to
gases like carbon dioxide Global Warming
into the atmosphere?  More heat cannot return
back into the space.
 More heat trapped by
carbon dioxide means
warmer Earth.
What is global warming?
 The increasing  Many scientist now agree
temperature that many human activities
phenomenon. emit more greenhouse
gases into the atmosphere,
 Global means that all making natural greenhouse
stronger. Scientist also
countries and people
saying that if we carry on
around the world are
polluting the atmosphere
affected even if that with greenhouse gases, it
country is not the major will have dangerous effect
contributor of on the Earth.
greenhouse gasses.
Sources of Greenhouse gases