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Presented To :

Miss Hina Abbasi

Presented By :
Muhammad Abdul Ahad Aziz
(A socially accepted crime)
What is Child Labour?

The term Child Labour is defined as:

“Work that deprives children of their
childhood, their potential and dignity and
that is harmful to physical and mental
• Child labour is socioeconomic problem of Pakistan
from the beginning and presenting negative effects
till now.
• Today child labour in Pakistan is the most prominent
issue of all the social issues.
• Child labour is a curse that is prevailing in our
country day by day because a large number of
children are forced to work which is completely
against the law.

• Pakistan is amongst the top ten countries having the issue

of child labour.
• Childern aged 5-15 Years in Pakistan are above 40Million.
• 50% of the economically active children are between the
age of 5-10 years.
According to research;
• Out of 40Million, 3Million childerns (73% boys and 27%
girls) are working in the agriculture sector.
The Question Arises…!

• Why and How do childerns get into the Child

• What are different types of Child Labour in
• How are children affected due to it…(Effects)?
• What’s being done in Pakistan to stop Child Labour?
Causes of Child Labour

• Poverty
• Illiteracy
• Unemployment of elders
• Family Background
• Failure of Laws
• Excess Population
Different Types Of Child Labour:

• Agriculture
• Automobile Workshops
• In different Industries
• Domestic Services
• Hotels
• Begging Profession
And many more…
Effects of Child Labour

• There are many bad effects of Child Labour but

most important of all is that it deprives a child from
the basic right of Education.
• Mental Effects
• Physical Effects
• Un-educated
• Different Diseases
Solutions And Suggestions

• Awareness should be raised and parents must pay

attention to the education of their children.
• Laws regarding child labour must be implemented
• We should help such type of people
• Family planning.
Pakistan’s Efforts

• Policies and Acts

• The Employee Childern Act, 1991
• The bonded Labor System Abolition Act, 1992
• Pakistan compulsory education act, 1994
• The government gave free books to primary schools
so parents with limited budgets are able to send their
children to schools.
World’s Day Against Child Labour

• 12th June Observed as Child Labour Day.


• Child Labors are not working by their own choice. They

are the victims of their circumstances and we are taking
benefit of their compulsions.
• These childerns are working as a labor in school going age
for the survival of their families and to fulfill the basic
• Government should provide the basic rights to these
children and should also help them in getting education.
In this way, we can get rid of this social evil.