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A Look at Speech

By Katy Uttech
Job Requirements
 Education
 Master’s degree
 Programs such as special education,
rehabilitation therapies, and communication
 Colleges
 Over 249 college programs are accredited in
audiology or speech-language pathology.
 University of Nebraska, University of Virginia,
James Madison University, Hampton University.
Job Requirements

 Beyond College
 300-375 hours of supervised clinical
 Passing score on national examination.
 Nine months of postgraduate professional
clinical experience.
 State license is required.
 36 states require continuing education.
requirements for licensure renewal.
An Average Day

 What they do
 Assess and treat those with speech, language, voice,
and fluency disorders.
 Diagnose nature and extent of impairment by using
written or oral tests and special instruments.
 Perform some research related to speech and
language problems.
The Pay

 The average annual income is $52,410

 Average for other health practitioners $57,240
 Average for general medical hospitals $55,900
 Average for Elementary and secondary schools
Sign Language

Helps with
Is not required to be a
Is oftentimes used to
help with
Interview (Education)
 Where did you go to college?
 I went to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln
 What classes did you take for your degree?
 In general our classes covered just about
everything (i.e. articulation-phonology, language
disorders, audiology, neurology, motor speech
disorders, assistive technology, fluency disorders,
voice, etc.
 How many years of schooling did you need?
 I needed a bachelor’s plus a masters.
 Was it easy to find a job?
 Yes, especially since I enjoy working with children
with more severe disabillities.
Interview (The Job)
 What is the average day like for your job?
 An average day includes direct treatment,
meetings, consultations with teachers,
classroom observations, etc.
 What does your job entail?
 My job entails direct therapy in the areas of
articulation, language, fluency, voice and
assistive technology. I also complete the
assessments in each of these areas, write
the assessment reports, and coordinate
Interview (The Process)
 What is the general process you use to find out
why a person has a speech problem and how
to correct it?
 My team decides what assessment instruments
would be appropriate. Then we complete the
assessments. After that we meet as a team with
parents to decide if there truly is an impairment, but
sometimes your question as to the “WHY” may
never quite be explained unless there is also a
physical etiology. Treatment options vary from
student to student depending on their disability and
Sign Language Connection
 How many people have speech problems
because they are hearing impaired?
 None on my current caseload.
 Do you know Sign Language?
 I am a little rusty, but I have used SEE in previous
job sites.
 Have you ever taught someone sign language
to help students with communicating?
 Yes! Some of my students with Downs Syndrome,
severe articulation and/or language impairments,
plus some of my students with severe
physical/cognitive impairments have also bee n
quite successful using sign for wants/needs.