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BOOKLET NO. 500 Defense Language Institute English Language Center Lackland Air Force Base, Texas BOOK 15 Quiz A Time Limit: 45 Minutes January 1990 AMERICAN LANGUAGE COURSE BOOK 15 QUIZ A PART I - LISTENING Directions for items 1-25. Listen and select the best answer. Mark your answer sheet a, b, c, or d. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST BOOKLET. te a. Bill has a new job. b. Bill has been married one year. c. Bill is my guest. a. Bill's parents are visiting him. a. I'm sorry, but I'm busy that day. b. We plan to go to Asia. c. Only my arm. My leg isn't hurt. @. It was really tough. Yes, he e a. stayed home b. was there ©. was absent 4. missed it a. I usually go afterwards. b. I go there frequently. ce. I'd like to go there. a. I can go anywhere. a. He used to exercise. Db. He exercises the most. ©. He seldom exercises. d. He exercises daily. a. He doesn't like the food. b. He's never had the food. c. He loves to eat the food. ad. He'd like some more food. a. Thank you. That sounds great. b. It only hurts if I move i’ c. Let's ask our travel agent. d. I think it's good training. Quiz 15a 8. 10. Is 12. 13. 14. 15. Could I use your 2 a. club b. mop c. iron ad. polish Betty wants us to % a. go to a restaurant b. eat at her house c. leave before she eats d. pay for her meal a. Sure. Do it yourself. b. Sure. I always helped myself. c. Yes, I'd be glad to. d. Yes, I used to but I stopped. a. Ted is dead. b. ed dropped in. c. Ted is ill. d. Ted needs bed rest. . We stayed home. a. Nowhere b. Everything c¢. Anywhere a. Ourselves The bread is c a. stale b. dead c. fresh d. swollen , too. Let's 7 a. eat b. open the windows c. enlist a. go overseas a. He cut his arm. b. He lost his visa. c. He got an invitation. a. He looked in the mirror.