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• Computer operation occur through the electronic circuits.

when data, instructions, and information flow along these
circuits, they travel at incredibly fast speed. Many
computers process billions or trillions of operation in a
single second.processing involves computing (adding,
subtracting, multiplying, dividing), sorting (alphabetizing),
organizing, formatting, checking spelling and grammar,
charting, displaying pictures, recording audio ships,
playing music, and showing a movie.
• One of the main advantages in using computers is the
possibility that a task that may take longer to do by hand
may be done in a shorter period of time using a computer.
Computers are designed to do tasks much faster and
more accurately than humans. Numerical computations,
creation and editing of documents, data organization and
presentation, graphics are examples of tasks that are
done efficiently when computers are used.
• Espicially, we can communicate with the other country
friends. Examply, we can use the social app by using
internet .

• Furthermore, we can get the information without read

books regularly. By using the technology, we can cut the
shortcut of the time.

• Prolonged or improper computer use can lead to injuries or

disorders of the hands, wrists, elbows, eyes, neck, and back.
Computer users can protect themselves from these health risks
through proper workplace design, good posture while at the
computer, and appropriately spaced work breaks. Two
behavioral health risks are computer addiction and technology
overload. Computer addiction occurs when someone becomes
obsessed with using a computer. Individuals suffering from
technology overload feel distressed when deprived of
computers and mobile devices. Once recognized, both computer
addiction and technology overload are treatable disorders.
• When we use the computers,
obviously we will sitting so
long. It make body become
weak because we not do some
exercise activities.
• When we use to computer so
long in the dark with the high
brightness it make the retina of
eyes become broke. For
example play video game to
long, watching drama or movie
and others
• The mind become weak because
we just stay in front of the
computer do not any workout