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Blast Off!

With Guided Reading!

Our astronauts are ready to
blast off to independent
reading and beyond.

Before blast off you

must follow the
What is Guided Reading?
Guided reading is teacher-supported reading of the text
that are on the children’s instructional level.
It is done in small groups of children (4-6) who share
common instructional needs and reading abilities.
Texts are teacher selected.
Each child hold his/her own copy of the text.
The teacher acts as a guide. The students are
primarily responsible for the reading.
During guided reading the teacher introduces the
text, observes the students and oversees retelling.
Why Do We Use Guided Reading?
To improve fluency.
To make instruction more personalized.
Guided reading enables children to develop
and use strategies of an independent reader.
It allows children to gain confidence in their ability
to read on their own.
It allows for close observation of each student while
What instructional resources do
you need?
A designated place where the teacher can monitor both the
group and class.
Multiple copies of the book.
A clipboard or notepad to record observations.
Various teaching tools (sentence strips, white boards, paper, etc.)
What should students know before
beginning guided reading?
Some early reading behaviors such as; directionality, sound-
symbol relationships and some high frequency words.

Demonstrate appropriate book handling abilities.

These can be taught and practiced during shared reading.

How do you organize for guided reading?

How do you organize your students
for a guided reading lesson?
Assess students through running records.

Establish groups of 4-6 students who are reading at

similar levels...

Adjust groups OFTEN!

What books should I use?
Supportive and predictable texts.
Leveled books that match the
group’s needs.
How do you introduce the book?
Establish a purpose for reading.
Take a picture walk.
Discuss the cover.

State the main idea.

Activate prior knowledge.

What do you observe
during reading?
Fluency Students using strategies
Growth and regrouping possibilities
Teaching points to emphasize
Strong points to praise
What happens when students
are finished reading?
Students retell the story.
Students share favorite part.
Discuss story using higher level
thinking questions.
Demonstrate reading strategies.
Students are
ready to BLAST
Guided Reading!