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Soft Skills


Today we will learn:

 What are Soft Skills?
 Why Customer Service Matters?
 Who are Customers?
 Activities: What do Customers want?
Skills Analysis
What are Soft Skills?

Soft Skills are the personal character traits or

qualities each of us has.

They make us who we are, generally

encompassing our attitudes, habits and how
we interact with each other people.
Definitions of Soft Skills

As per World Health Organization (WHO):

“These are the abilities for adaptive and positive
behaviour that enable individuals to deal with
the demands and challenges of everyday life.”
As per UNICEF (also called Life Skills):
“A behaviour change or behaviour development
approach designed to address a balance of
three areas: knowledge, attitude and skills.”
What are actually Soft Skills?
Other important examples of Soft Skills

Personality Development

Customer Service Skills


Time management

Team Building

Presentation Skills

Employment Communication

Workplace Etiquette
Customer Service
Who are Customers?

Definition of a customer

Internal/external customers

Customers are people who need your assistance.

They are not an interruption to your job, they are
the reason you have a job..
Communicating Effectively with Customers

What describes GOOD service and BAD service?

Good customer service is taking that extra step to

help without being asked! It’s all about attitude
and skills.
The Communication Equation
What you hear
• Tone of voice
• Vocal clarity

• Verbal expressiveness 40% of the message

What you see or feel

• Facial expression
• Dress and grooming
• Posture/ Body Language
• Eye contact
• Touch

• Gesture 50% of the message

WORDS…….. ONLY 10% of the message!

Stats on Dissatisfied Customers
What do Customers Want?

Activity : Four Square

Duration – 5 to 10 mins

Aim : This activity will help participants see the

value in a comfortable working environment,
as well as the importance of creating a good
and comfortable environment for their
Activity Layout

Quadrant – I
Quadrant – II
Jumping/Standing on one foot
Reciting the alphabets backwards

Quadrant – III
Singing nursery rhymes as loudly Quadrant – IV
as possible Relaxing
Greeting Customers

The purpose is to create and maintain a welcoming

environment - how can we achieve this?

• Be attentive, acknowledge a person as soon as they appear,

even if you’re busy


• Establish eye contact

• Tell them your name

• Ask how you can help

• Give the customer your full attention
• Be polite and courteous……………
Presentation and Manner

Does your Organisation have a policy on presentation?

• Uniforms, badges, etc
• Personal hygiene
• Clothing – appropriate to the situation
• Hair – cleanliness and style
• Accessories – jewellery, earrings, watches, tattoos,
• Expression – facial expressions
• Tone of voice
• Body language
• Surroundings (Can they see a messy desk? Dead flowers in the
vase? Eating your lunch?...)
Skills Analysis

Activity : Skills Analysis

Duration – 10 mins

Aim : The goals of this activity are to creative a

spirit of cooperation, to the customer service
skills of listening, communicating, giving
directions and teamwork.
Skills Analysis

Instructions : I want you to line up in order of your

birth date.
Line up in order of the month and
day, not the year. I’ll be timing you.

When I say Five, Four, Three, Two,

One, you may start.
Any questions???