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Three Dimensions of Human

Biological Dimension
•This dimension is describes by
a person’s biological or
physical sexual characteristics
as controlled by the sex
chromosomes and hormones
produced by the sexual glands.
• XX – female chromosomes
• XY – male chromosomes

• Chromosomes carry the genetic material DNA (deoxyribonucleic

• DNA determines all the traits and characteristics of all living things.
• A human being has 46 chromosomes in every nucleus of the cell.
• Two chromosomes are sex chromosomes which are responsible for
all our sex characteristics, being a male or a female, while the
remaining forty-four chromosomes are responsible for all other
characteristics that we have which are not related to sex.
• Hormones play an important role in the
expression of all physical and
physiological sexual characteristics of a
person. As triggered by the
hypothalamus that is located at the
middle of the brain, the pituitary gland
produces luteinizing hormone (LH)
and follicle-stimulating hormone
• Luteinizing hormone is responsible for the
production of sex hormones testosterone and
• Testosterone regulates the production of sperm
cells and occurrence of secondary sex
characteristics in males.
•Estrogen regulates the production of egg cells and
the occurrence of secondary sex characteristics of
•The Follicle-Stimulating Hormone, on the other
hand, triggers the egg cell to mature in the ovary.
• Vas deferens – is the passageway of sperm cells from epididymis to
the urethra.
• Penis – copulatory organ; transfers the sperm into the female’s body.
• Spongy urethra – is the passageway of semen (combination of fluid
and sperm cells) and urine.
• Seminal vesicle – produces fluid that helps in easy transport of the
• Prostate gland – produces substance that nourishes sperm.
• Epididymis – stores newly-formed sperm cells.
• Testis – the male gonads; produces sperm cells.
• Scrotum – Sac covering and protects the testes.
• Uterus – mother’s womb; houses the developing
• Vagina – the birth canal; receives sperm cells from
the penis.
• Myometrium – muscle of womb.
• Cervix – boundary between vagina and uterus.
• Ovary – female gonads; produce egg cells (ova).
• Fallopian tube – site for fertilization; passageway
of the egg cell.
• Endometrium – lining of womb.
• It is important to emphasize that the
main purposed of the human
reproductive system is for procreation or
continuation of human life.
• The female’s ovaries produce egg cells
and male’s testes produce sperm cells.
• When the sperm cell fertilizes the egg
cell, a zygote is formed. It is the start of
a new life, a new human being.
•Are enjoying being a girl? Are you happy being a

•When you go in front of the mirror and look

closely at yourself, do you like what you see?
• If your answer is yes, then it is good
sign of being positive about your own
sexuality. If you like what you see in
the mirror, you have a positive body
image. Accepting whether you are a
boy or a girl and appreciating your
physical characteristics affect sexual
• If you think negatively of yourself,
you would often feel inferior to
others, indecisive always conscious if
you are doing the right thing or not.
You tend to be antisocial, to shy away
from people, and would always want
to be left alone.
• As others would say, “It’s all in the mind”.
• Having the feeling of insecurity, persons with
negative body image tend to do things that may
eventually damage them like improper use of drugs
as part of their diet program in order to have an
ideal body.

•Insecurity may also lead to some psychological

disorders like anorexia and bulimia.
Anorexia nervosa is a psychological
condition. Those who suffer from it always
think that they are fat and refrain from
eating. Eventually, they become very thin
and lose the appetite to eat. This condition
lead to death because their bodies are
already rejecting the food they eat.
•Bulimia is also a psychological eating
disorder. Bulimic persons would eat
food that they want to eat but induce
themselves to vomiting after eating by
forcing the food out from the throat.
This condition damages parts of the
digestive system especially the
pharynx or throat and the esophagus.
• Persons with a positive body
image and a sound mind usually
enjoy their sexuality and have a
good social relationship with
others. Persons with negative
body image and insecurity end up
being unhappy and with failing
sexual relationships.
How do you react when you hear the
word sex? Do you join your peers when
you hear them talk about the
reproductive system?
• Your answer to these questions may depend on
your social and cultural influences. The people
surrounding you greatly contribute to your
sexuality. These include your family, school, and
people from your neighborhood. Different
countries have their own standards and norms in
their sexual practices. Moreover, some countries
may have different tribes or ethnic groups that
follow their own traditions and practices involving
sexual behaviors and practices.