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Module 1

Contemporary Philippine
Arts in the Region
Is this painting beautiful?
What can be seen in the
What is being imitated?
What is used to make this
Subject – is something that is attempted to
be imitated. The Greek philosopher Aristotle
in his Poetics claimed that humans have
instincts for imitation and harmony.

Medium - the method in which an artist works;

oil-painting, gouache, pastel, pen and ink,
etching, collage, sculpture, etc., are all media
for his expression.
Subject and medium are two
elements of art that help in
experiencing life, the world and
its beauty
Forms of Artistic Expressions
 Picture( Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, and Photography) This
is a two dimensional image of various subjects from real-life
images to the visually abstract
 Sculpture– a three dimensional artwork that may be created
using stone, marble, wood and concrete.
 Architecture – are structures that meant to be used as shelters.
The art relies on the design and purpose of the structure.
 Music– the art form that appeals to the sense of hearing by
creating harmony of notes.
 Literature
– the art form of language through the combined used
of words creating meaning and experience.
 Theater – the art form of performance. Dynamic text are
portrayed on stage by the actors and are enhance by props,
lights and sounds.
 Cinema – This art form is a technological translation of
theater. In films, special effects are utilized to enhance the
 Dance- – are structures that meant to be used as shelters.
The art relies on the design and purpose of the structure.
Are the art produced by Filipinos 100%
authentic Philippine art?

Are the landscape paintings of Fernando

Amorsolo or the historical depiction of Carlos
“Botong” Francisco genuinely Filipino?
Leo Benesa, a Filipino poet and art critic said that
there is a certain characteristic of Filipino art. “ the
idea was that the depiction of the scene of everyday
life and the surroundings without idealizing them
was closest in spirit to the Filipino soul and native
soil.” The medium of expression should portray the
subject as true to what is in reality.

He describes Amorsolo’s works as “ the most

expressive of the ethos of the race and the
predominantly agricultural countryside”
Palay Maiden1920 La Gioconda 1517
Fernando Amorsolo Leonardo Da Vinci
What do these paintings share in
How differently did Amorsolo treat the

What makes the Palay Maiden truly

Philippine art is influenced by our
colonial history and migrant reality

An art can be considered Filipino art

when it depicts the Filipino way of
Do you think that the usage of
English language lessens the
“Filipino-ness” of the literary
Portfolio in CPAR
Activity No. 1

Write a 300 hundred word essay comparing a stanza from

Rolando Tinio’s “Cantico Profano” in Filipino and its English
translation “Profane Canticle” Make sure you answer the
following questions in your essay.
1. Which work is more appealing to you? Why?
2. Which work do you think captures the true Filipino
experience? Explain.
3. If you were to change any words in the translation, what
would it be and why?
I hope you learn
something today