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Basic Kitchen Tools and

There are many
types of spatulas.
In your kitchen unit
you have the
following spatulas
• Cooking spatula
• Straight edge spatula
• Rubber spatula
• Cookie spatula
• Spatula for nonstick
cookware and bake ware
Mixing Bowls
Mixing bowls are made
of glass, stainless steel
or plastic.
They are sold in sets of
3 or 4.
Some have straight
sides which work well
when using an electric
mixer with beaters.
Some have sloped
sides which work well
when tossing and
folding ingredients.
Graters are a cutting
They are used to:
– Grate (break food into
crumb like pieces)
– Shred (cut food into long
thin strips)
– slice
Egg Beaters or Rotary Beaters

Rotary beaters are used to beat, whip and blend

They can work just as well as an electric mixer.
Wire Whisks and Whips
Wire whisks and whips are used to blend, mix,
stir and beat ingredients such as eggs, batters,
and cream.
Pastry Blender
Pastry blenders are
used to mix solid fats
such as butter and
margarine into flour
Mixing like this
produces a flakey
product such as
biscuits and pie

Tongs come in many shapes and sizes.

They are used to pick up and turn foods such as
sugar cubes, corn on the cob, grilled meats and
Pastry Brush
Pastry brushes are
used to brush the
tops of baked goods
with butter, glazes
and egg mixtures.
Pastry brushes can
also be used to apply
sauces and
marinades when
Oven Mitts & Potholders

Oven mitts and potholders are used to lift and

hold hot pots, pans, oven racks, and casseroles.
NEVER use them when they are WET.
Colanders are used to
drain foods that have
just been washed or
rinsed and to
separate foods from
their cooking water
such as spaghetti or
Cutting Boards
Cutting boards can be
made of wood or
They come in many
shapes and sizes.
They are used when
cutting foods to
protect counter
surfaces and the
blades of knives.
Rolling Pins
Rolling pins are used to flatten dough.
They can also be used to crush foods such as
nuts, crackers and cookies into crumbs.
Muffin Tin
Muffin tins are used to
bake muffins,
cupcakes and small
baked goods.
Cookie Sheets

Cookie sheets are large flat sheet pans used to

bake cookies and other pastries.
Cookies bake best on a sheet with NO SIDES.
Saucepans are used
to cook foods on the
They have one
handle and can be
lifted with one hand.
They come in 1, 2
and 3 quart sizes.
Pots are used to cook
foods on the stovetop.
They are larger than
sauce pans (“pans”).
They have small
handles on each side
so they can be lifted.

Peelers are used to “peel” or “pare” fruits and

vegetables of their skins.
They are a cutting tool.
Electric Mixers
Electric mixers can be
hand held or free
standing models.
They are used to
beat, whip, knead and
blend ingredients.
Wooden Spoons
Wooden spoons
come in many shapes
and sizes.
They are used to mix
dough and flour
They are not good for
cooking on the
Ladles come in many
They are used to
serve foods that are
liquids such as soups,
stews, gravies, and
Sifters are used to
incorporate air into
flour by separating
the flour particles.
The four is pushed
through a screen to
break the particles
apart or separate the
Liquid Measuring Cups
Liquid measuring cups
are used to measure
liquid ingredients such as
milk, oil, juice, and water.

They are clear glass or

plastic for reading level
measures and have a
spout for pouring.

They are found in area B

Measuring spoons

Measuring spoons are used to

measure small amounts of all types
of ingredients.

They come in sets of four ( 1T, 1t.

½ t and ¼ t.)

Do not take spoons off their ring.

They are found in storage area B

Dry Measuring Cups
Dry measuring cups
come in sets of four (1 c.,
½ c., 1/3 c., ¼ c.)

They are used to

measure dry, solid and
moist ingredients.

They should be nested

together in the cabinet.

The are found in area B