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Dupont Powder Waste


 Waste Profile
 Safety Handling
 Co-Processing

Waste Profile

Prospecting Analysis Result:

• Name of Material : VAZO 64G
• High Calorific Value
• Low Sulphur and Chlorine content
• Reactive
• Easy to burn (High Flammability)
• Not mention form of waste (solid

Product name : Vazo® 64G Polymerization initiator
Recommended use : Polymerization initiator
Hazardous warnings : Flammable solid
Chemical Name : 2,2'-Dimethyl-2,2'-azodipropiononitrile
Suitable storage conditions:
•Store in original container. Keep away from heat. Keep away from
sources of ignition
•No smoking. Keep in a cool place away from oxidizing agents. Keep
in a cool place away from reducing agents.
•Storage temperature: < 24 °C
Melting point/range : 100 °C
Decomposition temperature : Decomposes on heating.

Safety Handling

How to process???
Related with safety and storage issue and witness from customer, we have
option to process this material:
– Direct feed to NAR-1 Solid facility
– Mix with rice husk to biomass feeding facility
– Feed into NAR-2 SLC via powder facility
– No possibility to store and mix with other material in storage

It’s time to discuss it

First Aid Measures
• Eye Contact
Immediately flush with plenty of water and consult a physician
• Skin contact
Wash off immediately with soap and plenty of water. Take off contaminated
clothing and shoes immediately. Call a physician
• Inhalation
Move to fresh air. Oxygen or artificial respiration if needed
• Ingestion
Immediately give 1-2 glasses of water and induce vomiting. Never give anything
by mouth to an unconscious person


• Health and Safety issue:
– It is not carcinogenic material
– Prevent direct contact with skin
– When feel headache during process,
contact clinic immediately
• Material will feed directly to NAR-1 solid facility
• Material condition (picture attached):
– Origin (not used) product
– Packed into 10 kgs
– Need repacking when existing pack isn't strength enough
– Material will feed individually to make shorter process (reduce handling and
safety risk)
– Totally material is around 800 kgs
• Need followed up for routine check up when material will come continuously and
high volume.

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