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Crescent Pure

Positioning Problem
Group 6
Problem Statement
•Sarah Ryan, vice president of marketing at Portland Drake Beverages, is positioning their newly
acquired beverage line, Crescent Pure
•PDB acquired Crescent in July 2013; the drink’s combination of energy enhancing, hydrating and all
organic ingredients made it a natural extension for PDB’s existing organic product lines
•PDB planned to embark on a “soft launch” of Crescent in three western states (California, Oregon and
Washington) in January 2014
•Sarah must decide if Crescent Pure is to be positioned as a sports drink or an energy drink

Demographic •Health conscious customers
•Young population (18-34 years) •Customers focusing on wellness
•Both males and females •Beverages with Natural
Ingredients conscious customers
Advantages: Disadvantages:

• Consumers chose sports drinks more often • Sports drink market is smaller than energy
drinks market
• Ingredients boost endurance and relieve
fatigue • Pricing decided for crescent is 2.75$ which is
higher than competing sports drinks
• Market is $6.3bn
• Sugar content levels are causing regulatory
• A large number of consumers consider sports issues in sports drink segment
drink as an ‘anytime beverage’
• Crescent enhances mental focus and boosts
energy, its perception is not one of a sports
Points of Parity of Crescent Pure
with Sports Drink:
Advantages Disadvantages

• Does not contain artificial ingredients • Health risk concerns regarding consumption of
energy drinks is on a rise
• Uses caffeine from natural products
• Only 32% consumers surveyed said that they
• Lower sugar level had consumed an energy drink in the last 6
• All natural flavours months

• Market grew by 40% between 2010-2012 • 11% people are drinking less energy drinks
because of health concerns
• Can be sold at a lower price
• Priced much lower at $2.75, consumers
question the quality of ingredients being used

Points of Parity of Crescent Pure

with Energy Drink:
Mental focus
Combat fatigue
Points of Differentiation in comparison to both Sports and Energy Drink:
• Crescent pure has natural and organic ingredients which is a major point of difference
• Lower price as compared to energy drink i.e. $2.75 < $2.99, Higher price as compared to sports drink
• Free from artificial sweetener
• Healthier alternative
• Moderate caffeine content compared to available energy drinks and none in sports drinks

Our recommendation is that CP is more of a healthy, organic drink than an energy or sports drink.
Since more people have reacted positively to a more health oriented drink in the surveys
conducted, Crescent Pure should be positioned as a healthy, organic drink that provides energy
and refreshes one instantly. If they focus all their attention on healthy drinks and push it into the
market before other major corporations released their drinks, PDB could have a first mover
advantage and be successful.