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Article 3:

The Teacher and

the Community
Section 1. A teacher is a facilitator
of learning and of the
development of the
youth; he shall, therefore, render
the best service by providing an
conducive to such learning and
Section 2. Every teacher shall
provide leadership and
initiative to actively
participate in community
movements for moral, social,
educational, economic and
Section 3. Every teacher shall merit
reasonable social
recognition for which
purpose he shall behave with honor
and dignity at all times and refrain
for such activities as gambling,
drunkenness, and other excesses,
much less illicit
Section 4. Every teacher shall live
for and with the community and
therefore, study and understand
local customs and traditions in
order to have
sympathetic attitude, therefore,
refrain from disparaging the
Section 5. Every teacher shall
help the school keep the
people in the community
informed about the school’s
work and accomplishments as
well as its needs and
Section 6. Every teacher is intellectual
leader in the community,
especially in the
barangay, and shall welcome the
opportunity to provide such leadership
when needed,
to extend counseling services, as
appropriate, and to actively be involved in
affecting the welfare of the people.
Section 7. Every teacher shall
maintain harmonious and
pleasant personal and
official relations with other
professionals, with
government officials, and with
people, individually or
Section 8. A teacher posses
freedom to attend church
and worships as
appropriate, but shall not
use his positions and
influence to proselyte
Identify the violated
Sections under Article III
Code of Ethics for
Professional Teacher
Situation 1:

The releasing of report cards in GJC was

done. A parent called the attention of
Teacher Mia about the failing grade
gained by her child. Instead of giving
the best explanation, the teacher
ignored the parent's concern because
he had many things to do.
Situation 2:

It is a feast season in the town. In this

note, there is a carnival with different
games that involved money present in
the carnival. Teacher Troy plays one of
the games because he wants to double
the money. Without knowing that some
of his students are roaming around the
carnival, he continued gambling.
Situation 3:

Jacob, a Senior High School teacher is

often close to his students due to their
near range of age. They frequently
hangout to the point that students forget
their boundaries of a student-teacher
relationship. The teacher tolerates the
bad acts of his students and forget his role
of redirecting them.
Situation 4:

A friend of James called and asked to

go out for a beer. After a moment, the
teacher agreed thinking that this will
serves as a bonding time together
with his friends. The teacher and his
friendS met in the public beer house
to have fun.