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Plural Form of

Compound Nouns
Read each sentence and copy the compound
noun on your paper. Then give its plural form.
1. The maid-of-honor at the wedding cried
during the ceremony.
2. The back of the station wagon was loaded
with luggage.
3. Emma enjoyed his visit with his mother-in-
4. In the room the children found a lampshade.
5. Lorna held the position of editor-in-chief.
Are your answers like these?

1. maid-of-honor - maids-of-honor
2. station wagons - station wagons
3. mothers-in-law - mothers-in-law
4. lampshades - lampshades
5. editors-in-chief - editors-in-chief
Read this short article.
The Filipinos
Filipinos are by nature patient, persevering,
and hardworking. These traits can be observed
in most people especially in the rural areas.
Many of them are farmers, fishermen and
herdsmen. In their homes, housewives engage
in home industries. Some are basket and mat
weavers, pot makers and food preservers.
Many Filipinos have adapted well to the
advancement of technology. Many
carpenters, dressmakers, bricklayers and
painters now use modern equipment in their
work. In the urban areas, we observe that
the average postmen, firemen, policemen,
market vendors, and others possess the
characteristics of an admirable Filipino.
-adapted from Lesson Guides in Elem. English 6
By the Ateneo de Manila University
What two words were used in the article?

fishermen pot makers

firemen postmen
herdsmen food preservers
policemen mat weavers
housewives dressmakers
bricklayers market vendors
basket weavers
What can you say about the number of such
- They are plural in number.
How are they written?
- Some are written as one. The others
are written separately.
- Usually, the most important word in a
compound word is the one that takes the
plural form.
- Compound nouns written as one form their
plural by adding -s at the end of the word.
- Some hyphenated compound nouns form
their plural by adding -s at the end of the first
Singular Plural
storyteller storytellers
taxpayer taxpayers
passer-by passers-by
attorney-at-law attorneys-at-law
Read the selection. Identify the compound nouns
and form their plural form. Write your answers
on a sheet of paper.

Pasig River
Pasig River is one of the important natural
landmark of Metro Manila. Before, Pasig River
was a source of water for fresh water fish,
seashell, other seafood and irrigation for towns.
It was one of the largest fresh water sources in
Asia. Today, the government has committed itself
to the rehabilitation and revival of this landmark.
It is the critical lifeline for the ecological health of
Laguna de Bay and Manila Bay which are sources of
livelihood for thousands of fisherman. Some
workers like pot maker, carpenters, basket weaver
and dressmaker live along the banks of the Pasig
Let’s Test Ourselves Key Answer

1. landmarks 6. lifelines
2. fresh waters 7. fishermen
3. seashells 8. pot makers
4. seafoods 9. basket weavers
5. freshwaters 10. dressmakers
Let’s Test Ourselves
Write a compound word that fits the
meaning of the given statement then form its
plural form.
1. One who passes by

Passer by - passers-by
2. A purse, a notebook or a small book
pocketbook - pocketbooks
3. Transmits information by radio or television.

broadcaster - broadcasters

4. A set of track on which

trains run.

railway - railways
5. A practitioner in a court of law who is legally
qualified to prosecute and defend actions in such
court on the retainers of clients.

attorney-at-law -
Give the plural form of the compound noun in
each item.

1. My cousin is the editor-in-chief of Kabataan

2. Mr. Cruz assigned Butch as the proofreader of
our journal.
3. I bought a bookcase last Sunday.
4. What is the landmark of your place?
5. Lucia’s father is a major general.