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People Vs Jabinal

February 27, 1974 G.R. No. L-30061

-The appellant, appealed for the dismissal of the case on the basis of the
application on the Supreme Court’s decision from “People vs. Lucero” and “People
vs. Macarandang” respectively.
-That the appellant, on or about 9:00 p.m., the 5th day of September, 1964, in the
población, Municipality of Batangas, Province of Batangas, Philippines was caught
and charged with “Illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.
-He claimed to be entitled to exoneration, although he had no license or permit,
he had been appointed as a “secret agent”by the Provincial Governor of Batangas
and an appointment as “Confidential Agent” by PC Provincial Commander.
-Whether or not the appellant should be acquitted on the basis of the Supreme Court’s rulings on
the cases of Macarandang and Lucero.
- Stare Decisis doctrine embodies the legal maxim that a principle or rule of law which has been
established by the decision of a court controlling jurisdiction will be followed in other cases involving
a similar situation.
-Appellant was acquitted based on the doctrine that was applied on the Macarandang and Lucero