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OHSAS 18001
Performance Measurement
& Monitoring
Performance Measurement & Monitoring

4.5.1 Performance Measurement and Monitoring

4.5.2 Accidents, Incidents, Non-conformances and
Corrective and Preventive Action
4.5.3 Records and Records Management
4.5.4 Audits
4.5.1 Performance Measurement and Monitoring
 The organisation must institute and maintain procedures for regularly
monitoring and measuring OH&S performance. These procedures must
comprise the following:
 Qualitative and quantitative measurements based on the
organisation's requirements
 Monitoring the extent to which the organisation's OH&S objectives
are being achieved
 Proactive performance measurements that monitor conformance
with the OH&S management programme, the criteria for operational
sequences, and the prevailing laws and regulations
 Reactive performance measurements for monitoring accidents,
illneses, incidents (including near-accidents) and other evidence of
negative OH&S performance
 Recording of the data and results of the monitoring and
measurements to the extent that they can facilitate the future
analysis of correction and preventive actions.
 If certain instruments are required for measuring and monitoring
performance, the organisation must institute and maintain procedures
for calibrating and servicing the instruments. It must retain verification
of these calibration and servicing activities.

Procedure for monitoring and measuring

OH&S performance

Both qualitative and quantitative


Monitoring conformance with the


Proactive performance
Reactive performance measurements
Measurement and Monitoring

Check conformance with the ...

… operational

Measure and monitor

through, e.g.: ... statutes and

 Workplace inspections
 Equipment checks
 Reporting unsafe situations … OH&S
 Benchmarking programmes
Measurement and Monitoring

Analyse ... ... accidents

... illness,
Measure and monitor
through, e.g.: ... near-accidents
 Statistics

 Accident analyses
... property
Measurement and Monitoring

 Take special note of injury due, for example, to:

 Presence of gases, vibrating tools

 Noise, extreme temperatures

 Light, monotonous activities

 Handling hazardous materials etc.

Measurement and Monitoring

If the organisation uses measuring

instruments for monitoring, it must have a
procedure for:
 Calibration
 Calibration cycles

The organisation must retain calibration records.


 Gas
 Noise
 Radiation
 Vibration
 Temperature etc.