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Welcome to Curriculum Night!

Good evening Parents,

Thank you so much for taking time to inquire into what and how
learning takes place in our classrooms this year. Your children
have written you a note to tell you about some of their favorite
things about 5th grade! While you wait for us to begin, please
read through the letter. You can also take this time to jot down
on a sticky note some of the things you are hoping to learn
about tonight. My goal tonight is to provide you with a general
understanding of what this year of learning will look like for you
and your 5th grader!

Sincerely, Mr. Benzin and Ms. Camirand

Crew at Talley Street Upper Elementary

What’s your favorite season?

• Summer- by the door.
• Fall- by the window.
• Winter- by the Unit of Inquiry board.
• Spring- by my desk.

Take 3-5 minutes to get to know the people in

your corner.
Classroom Rights and

1. We are personally responsible for the choices we make.

2. We are responsible for our actions even when no one is watching.

3. We have the responsibility to be focused and give our best effort
across all aspects of our lives.

4. We have the responsibility to treat others

the way you want to be treated.

5. We are responsible for using educational tools

for their intended use.
1. Take a Break
2. Problem solve
3. Logical Consequence
4. Loss of a privilege
5. Parent contact
• Curriculum and Instruction
– IB Units of Inquiry
• Assessments
• Communication
• Homework agreements
What do we want to learn? The

• The programme of inquiry is main structure in

which we organize instruction.
• There are six transdisciplinary themes: Who We
Are, Where we are in Place and time, How we
express ourselves, How the world works, How
we organize ourselves, and Sharing the planet in
which we organize our learning.
• Anything not within these units serve as a stand
Each Unit of Inquiry is:
• Transdisciplinary in nature (Spans grade levels and content
• Focuses on a central idea (BIG IDEA)
• Guided by lines of inquiry (defines scope and sequence of
• Develops different approaches to learning (research, social,
communication, thinking)
• Integrates learner profile
• State required curriculum (Georgia Standards of Excellence)
• Core subjects: Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
• Resource Classes: Spanish, Music, Art, PE
How will we best learn?
Instruction at Talley: Units of Inquiry
• Reading and Writing Workshop
• Workshop format to include: Direct Instruction,
Active Involvement, and Independent Reading
and/or Writing
• Classroom libraries to include “just right books”
for varied levels
• Weekly individualized spelling practice (Beginning
in Term 2)
• Explicit teaching of Language conventions
(grammar, usage, and mechanics)
Science and Social Studies
• Collaboratively planned units of study
• Concept driven for understanding of big ideas
• Experiments, explorations, and discoveries
• GSE (Georgia Standards of Excellence) focus
• Eureka Math, GA Frameworks, Illustrative
Mathematics as resources
• Small group and partner activities
• Engaging games to reinforce content
• Daily Math skill reinforcement
How will we know what we’ve learned?
Assessment at Talley
• Data-based decision making based on MAP,
GMAS, iReady, etc.
• Guided Reading Assessment, math pre-
assessment to target students’ strengths and
opportunities for growth
• Formative assessments to monitor student
progress and inform instruction
• Self assessments/rubrics/conferences
• Summative Assessments- Common
Assessments for each grade level
Standards Based Grading
Weekly Communication
Process for sharing student work progress
Homework Agreements
• Math, spelling, reading.
• Additional homework means that student did
not complete work in class.
Instructional Support

• Links teachers- Media Center

• EIP teachers- EIP Suite
• Support Teachers (Paraprofessionals)
• English Language Learners
The Arts
• Art (1x = 60 min)- Art Room
• Music (1x for 60 mins.)- Music Room
• PE (1x for 60 mins.)- Multipurpose Room
• Spanish (2 x for 60 mins.)- Media Center
• Band (5th grade only)
• Choir
• Orchestra