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Infographics and ICT Projects

●Identify a local or regional cause or issue for Social Change related to specific professional
tracks that can be addressed or tackled using an ICT project for Social Change.
●Analyze how target or intended user and audiences are expected to respond to the
proposed ICT Project for social Change on the basis of content, value, and user experience.
●Integrate aaarich multimedia content in design and development to best enhance the user
experience and deliever content of an ICT project for social Change.
●Develop a working prototype of an ICT project for Social Change.
●Understand how to work with peers and publics/partners for the development of an ICT
project that advocates or mobilizes for a special social change or cause.
Developing and ICT project for Social Change
To be able to succeed in the implementation of your ICT project, it is the team head or project manager’s
responsibility to defined the work and assign the persons responsible for the work of the project to run
smoothly, be finished on the, and within the set budget. Project management is the discipline of planning,
organizing, securing and managing resources for the successful completion of a task or project to meet
specific goals and objectives. The team should follow the stages of a project development and practice
effective communication and brainstorming discussion on development.
Principles of Visual Message Design Using Infographics
Intographics are visual presentation of impormation that use the elements of design to quickly communicate
an idea. Good infographics attract readers and are viewed more easily than long text articles. Therefore,
infographics can deliver a message more easily which can be spread around the world with the use of free
sharing tools.

Ways that infographics can be used:

►Presenting survey date- Infographics are highly useful in presenting results gathered from survey data.
When organized in an inforgraphic, it becomes much easier and faster to draw meaning from data.