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1. Eric Wilson Tanubarata

2. Siti Hanum Salsabillah
3. Rachmadivanie
4. Zurriyasha
5. Tri Septia Rakhmawati
6. Muhammad Akhirul
7. Nafia Azhariya
Potential Problem Possible Causes Preventive actions Contingent
Not enough budget Sponsor, audience not Make attractive proposal, research, Subsidiary from committee,
reach the target promotions OTS tickets sales
Guest speaker come late Traffic jam Give accommodation near venue Ice breaking or re-arrange
Technical problem Lack of rehearse and pre- Rehearsal and backup technical kit Fast response technician
• Microphone work check
• Soundsystem
• Slides

Venue problem Lack of checking Maintenance checking, provide conventional • Fast response technician
• AC fan • Find the nearest toilets
• Toilets
Catering problem Traffic, not trusted • Provide PIC for catering, use trusted • Reschedule snack and
• Come late catering, Allergic, expired, vendors, reminder & agreement, main course time
• Wrong food choices spoiled food Separate between snack and main • Treatment from medical
course. PIC
• Choose nearby food, warning allergic &
neutral food
Audience not reach the Wrong date / time, not More promotions, Research before due Committee as an audience,
target interest for guest speaker, date OTS ticket sales, push
lack of awareness promotions