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School and Community Relations

 The school and Community are the mainsprings of

effective and powerful forces that can create a
wholesome climate for mutual gains and betterment.
 A partnership both willing to share information as well
as responsibilities to the best interest of the children.
 Parents from the community are ready to offer much
needed assistance in terms of resources.
 Teachers are equally committed to spend time, effort
and expertise to serve school children.
 Parents are the first teachers in the home. They are
responsible for the development of values, attitude,
 Teachers serve to continue to enrich the students
experience at home. They guide children as “custodians “
of good values, attitudes and midwife the children of
their skills and abilities.
 The member of community as support to the parents
include Local Government Unit (LGU), Non-Government
Agencies, Civic Organization and all residents are highly
motivated to participate in school activities and project
that likewise redound to the uplifting of the moral and
quality of life in their own locality.
 Are individual or Institution that are interrelated in
the school curriculum.

 They are the one who put into action and give life to
the curriculum.

 They shape school curriculum implementation.

Children difficulties and problem:
 Ability to accomplish assignments
 Study habits in school
 Negative attitudes
 Problem in self discipline

 A calm and friendly face to face exchange of observation could
straighten some disturbing interaction ending with a promise of
undertaking remediation in both.
 Positive attitudes of kindhearted and patience are developed through
 Regularity in attendance and doing daily assignment need strong
motivation and encouragement.
 Letter and praises to parents for outstanding performance build
confidence and strengthen determination to continue good work.
 Interesting lesson never fail to motivate students to be present
everyday for an enjoyable participation in them.
 Extremes of behavior need detailed consideration of past experience in
school and home.
 Values Developed:
Values and good attitude and habit are starting at home
and developed further in the school. Some of most desirable are:
 Respect for elders and for the right of others
 Cooperation
 Willingness to share
 Deep sense of responsibility
 Persistence.
Students exhibiting exemplary traits must be given due
recognition. Awards conferred upon responsible and well
behaved students set examples that are emulated.
 Interest:
Special interest is usually noticed at a young age such as
heightened propensity for music and drama , athletics and arts.It
may attend to by sensitive mentor and guardian in order to
continue opportunities to developed natural gifts.
School and Community
 The school is usually located at the center of the town and city as
such it is subjected to daily scrutiny by the member of the
community . The community has responsibility to show their
gratitude and appreciation by keeping their schools surrounding
clean and comfortable for the children and sharing resources.

Collaborative Relationship:
 The school officials actively participate in community project
such as literacy project for out-of school children and house
campaign for healthful practice.
 The municipal/city official are likewise ready help out in
improving physical facilities of the school and paying salaries of
the teacher for the moment if do not have teacher yet( Mun.
school Board/Province school board/city school board).
 During historic celebrations participation of the school and
community a strong feelings of togetherness become evident.
• Organized Asscociations:
• School have organized Parent-Teacher Associations formerly
referred to as Parents Teachers and Community Association.
Brigada Eskwela is another example of collaboration among
school, parents, community, govt sector, private sector, non
government organization.

 Public Safety, Beautification, and Cleanliness:

Peace and Order, safety in public conveyances and
ordinance afford ample protection and disciplinary measure at

 Values Exhibited:
Outstanding school personnel as well as barangay official
are honored . Values of nationalism and unity are developed and
demonstrate by school and government official. Respect for
authority self discipline are modeled for the young to follow.
 Instructional Center and Materials:
The community can serve as rich of instructional materials.
The clean rivers, town library, factories and industrial
establishment could be learning center for field trips.
Recreational activities, concert hall often enjoyable
entertainment for all. The parks, beaches become relaxation to
school children and together with their teachers and families.
Professional and practitioners from the community can be
invited as resource speakers during observance of significant
school rites.