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Renewable sources of

What are the renewable sources of energy
Which are the renewable sources of
How each one is created
What are renewable sources of
Renewable sources of energy are those that can be
renewed and it is predicted that they will never extinct.
This fact is not like the way we make our energy now,
which is by fabricating petroleum. According to the
scientists petroleum pollutes the environment and it is
expected that in a few years it will finish. The aim of
these sources is to replace the source that we now use
so that there can be energy for many more years, since
man cannot survive without energy. Finally the
renewable sources of energy are the new sources of
energy that will never run out and do not pollute the
environment since they are ecological.
Which are the renewable sources
of energy?
Wind Energy
Sun Energy
Geothermical Energy
Energy from tides
Energy from waves
Energy from the oceans
Wind Energy
Wind energy is the energy created by the wind.
When there is wind, special windmills that spin
forced by the winds which contain a generator
that creates energy. There already exist working
wind parks.
Sun Energy
Sun energy is the energy that is produced
from the sun rays. There are thermo-
voltaic that captivate the sun rays and
transform them into energy.
Waterfalls are the hydroelectrical works.
Essentially the water falls from a certain
height and there are special generators
that spin and produce energy.
Biomass produces energy using the plant
carbohydrates since it frees the energy that was
bound for the photosynthesis. Also we can use
city waste and disposals that produce eco-
friendly fuels, unlike the ones that are currently
Geothermical Energy
Geothermical energy is the warmth that is
produced from the radioactive decomposition of
the earth’s stones. The warmth rises on the
surface of the ground through hot water sources
or geysers. From there the energy is used
directly for thermic application or the production
of electricity.
Tide Energy
The energy coming from the tides is the
utilisation of the Moon and the Sun which
causes the rise of the sea level. Then the water
is saved since it goes up and down and is forced
to go through a turbine producing electricity.
Wave energy
Wave energy is the energy
produced from the kinetic energy
of the sea waves.
Ocean Energy
Energy from the oceans is still under
development. The energy is produced by
taking advantage of the temperature
difference between the various layers of
the ocean by utilising the thermical cycles.