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h To enhance sales among individuals who are constructing buildings

and other infrastructures (industry) on their own by promoting unique
and cutting edge features of Scan cement.
º New customer from other brands
º Undecided about brand selection
º Retention of existing Scan users
h ðrganize sales conference to promote Scan cement products
º Dndividual homebuilders
º Engineers
º Masons and retailers

h romote sales and availability of Scan cement in retail shops through

merchandizing and brand promotion.

‰ at response is soug t? Purchase

Specific response from buyer be avior model Preference




årand promotion territory will be selected considering demand of t e

market in consultation wit client.

º ålanket promotional coverage for any particular territory

º Consecutively to t e near by territories.

º T e årand Promotion Team (åPT) will stay for around a mont in

eac selected territory.

Mont ly Sc edule

Ño. of
årand Ño. of Site Retailer
Engineers, Masons Awareness
Promo- Promo - Follow Conference
Follow up
tional tional up

4 240 240 240 160 160 3

%    & 

h !ill up simple questionnaire & data base preparation

º Visit the assigned areas in a systematic way
º !ill up a simple questionnaire to make a data base.
º rioritize the sites for paying a visit.
º Make a presentation to the concern person(s)

h ay repeated follow-up visits

h ðrganize awareness raising conference

º 6 awareness raising conferences in a month
º for house builders, engineers and masons and Retailers/Wholesalers.
º Dnform about technicalities to use appropriate cement in construction, getting
feedback on brand features, delivery channels, and cutting edge features of Scan

h ssue a circular to all concern Scan cement dealers and

sales team to provide necessary support to t e

h Timely delivery of adequate promotional materials t at

Scan cement developed and use to promote and aware
t e customers
  ' % 



h Preferably Diploma Civil Engineer

h t erwise qualified graduates


h Daily status report: Promoters will inform t e concern sales person of

t at locality in every day.

h Progress report: would be submitted every week wit last week

performance, lesson learnt and next week¶s activity plan.

h Completion report: would be submitted wit in next two weeks after

completion of a territory.



, ( )-
Force ń Focus åDT 402,032.00
House # å108 (Ground floor), Road # 8
Ñew DHS, Mo ak ali, D aka 1206 Cost included a tax at 4.5%


Advance payment On the agreement signing date (25 Sepƍ10) 100,508.00

1st Installment 01 November 2010 100,508.00

2nd Installment 01 December 2010 100,508.00

After submitting the completion report (within 3 weeks of closing the
3rd Installment 100,508.00
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