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V ´ruralor urban, old or young, white or black,

malls or kirana shops, so on, people from

every nook and corner needs everything
which is available @ retail store. But what
matters is crm.
` ustomer relationship management ( is
a broadly recognized, widely-implemented
strategy for managing and nurturing a
company's interactions with customers, clients
and sales prospects.
V `goals are to find, attract, and win
new clients, nurture and retain those the
is the convenience store
format which forms part of the retail
business of eliance Industries of India.
V it is headed by ukesh Ambani.
V The company already has in excess of 560
reliance fresh outlets across the country.
V These stores sell fresh fruits and vegetables,
staples, groceries, fresh juice bars and dairy
V A typical eliance Fresh store is
approximately 3000-4000 square feet and
caters to a catchment area of 2²3 km.
V eliance fresh strongly believes in retaining
and creating new customers.
V eliance itself is a very strong brand and has
always proved itself in various occasions and
in various industries.
V The same continues with eliance Fresh it
provides all its items at not only competitive
prices but also gives variety of offers and
discount to its customers.
V The warm and friendly staffs make sure you
are satisfied while shopping at reliance fresh
outlets and always look forward for a
continues shopping experience at eliance
V In order to create loyalty among customers
reliance fresh team works hard to provide their
Best in products and services to their fullest
 policy of reliance fresh can be divided
into four major parts, namely;
1 ustomer loyalty
V 2 ustomer retention
V 3 ustomer communication
V 4 ustomer gratification
V There exists a blanket customer relationship programme called the reliance one
V program me for the purpose of maintaining customer loyalty. The membership
programme is
V a very simple one where a willing customer is required to fill a form giving personal
V information and he gets a temporary card which will be made permanent after six
V On each purchase of rs. 100 the customer gets one redeemable point on the
production of
V card at billing counter. The collected points can be redeemed in form of discounts
on future
V purchases on demand of the customer.
V The customers also get the opportunity of availing four different kinds of insurance
on the
V payment of a nominal fee. For example a customer can get an accidental death
insurance of
V rs six lakhs on the payment of rs. 400 only.
V Other forms of insurances are disability, hospitalization and home insurances.
V The members of relianceone get the opportunity of taking part and winning prizes
by the way
V of lucky draws on regular intervals.
V @            
V regarded as a zone and the offers and discounts in a zone are not available in other zones.
V Such policy helps reliance retail to understand and capture the local markets better.
V The products which show improvement due to offers and discounts on them are repeated
V with these offers again so as to retain the sales of the customers who bought it the last time.
V Also such the days best offers are constantly announced in the store making the regular
V customers aware about them.
V aintaining a good store ambiance is also a part of customer retention policy of reliance
V retail. lean and hygienic environment with properly and well spaced products along with a
V uniform color theme attracts the existing customers to the store again and again.
V A fast billing system and good and easy grievance handling system which can be accessed
V thru customer service desk and company website, ensures that customers feel satisfied with
V the store management. Less harassment to customers means better customer retention.
V @          
V reliance one members. They get information about ongoing offers and also information and
V latest news about their nearest stores and the company in general.
V Another source of customer database is the information collected during the organizing of
V special events in the stores. ustomers participating in such events provide their contact
V information which are also used in form of database for communication purposes.
V Thank you and festive cards on special occasions are an innovative way of communicating
V with the customers.
V Trained salespersons make customer gratification very easy. A simple thank you with a smile
V goes a long way for the store to keep the customers happy.
V The special events organized by the stores across india are also a way to gratify the
V customers by allowing them to play and win prizes.
V Gift vouchers and discount coupons are an attraction for the customers and give them the feel
V that the store cares about them and their money.
V Local customers many a times make limited personal contacts with the store staff just like
V that made at a kirana store and help the store to some extent to maintain a relationship with
V the customers.
G relationship marketing program introduced by eliance etail.

G You can collect your eliance One Points when you shop at
participating eliance etail Stores anywhere in India.

G You earn 1 eliance One point for every s 100 that you spend.
V Œarn eliance One points on all your
purchases at eliance etail stores
V Bonus eliance One points even on everyday
V Special Offers customized for your
V Discount Vouchers Œxclusive eliance One
embers only preview for promotions
V Invites to exclusive events
V During season and festival time they have
lucky draws and lucky dip
V Lucky dip of eliance Fresh may include 1
gram gold coin for 1lucky customer every day
for few days during onam, Diwali, ŒID.
V They also include prices like 1lucky winner
could win ani20 ar by filling up a simple
form with the purchase of more than 2 pet
bottles of Pepsi co.
V Gift
vouchers of 100, 200, 500
given to customers who
may purchase Items more than

V Special
vouchers given during festivals to
customers who make bulk purchase.
VThis is a card which was given to the customer at free of cost. This
card helps to increase the loyalty sales percentage of the store.
Benefits of
Vthis card are:
V ustomer will get 1% point of his purchasing amount added to
his\her membership card.
VWhen these points will become 25, it means that 25 points isa
discount of 25/-equivalent to 25/-. He\she will be able to redeem
his\her points & get With this card customer will get ´Accidental
Death Insuranceµ of 50000/- by default.
VIfcustomer will recharge their Hutch, eliance, Airtel & Idea
mobile from SD then also 15 point of the amount he recharge will
be added to his card.
V In starting customer will get temporary card, which is valid for 180
days. Within 180 days customer will get permanent card, which is
look like plastic card at postal address given by the customer in the
form for
issuing of elianceOne embership ard. onditions for eligibility of
V permanent card are as follows:
V ustomers have to do a purchasing of 1500/- with the help of card
within 3 months from the issuing date O he have to scan his card at
least 10 times.
V If above criteria is not fulfill then in next 2 months customers have to
do a purchasing of 600/- with the help of card O he have to scan his
card at least 6 times.
V Those products which may be lying in the
rack for more than a month unattended they
would be brought forward to the Gondola
offering 50% discount on the same.

V Similarly
Vegetables more than t+1 would be
packed together and offered at half its price
V Other discount may be varying from 5%- 50 %
on the basis of nature of the product and the
reason for discount
V Normally during peak seasons various
discount on each products may be offered to
encourage at least minimal price reduction
to the Product and more foot fall.
V any new products that come to the market
may need to be well projected to the minds
of the customers so that they can intend
buying the product, so one to one free offers
are introduced.
V When eliance came up with its own brand
of Wheat noodles, it came up with this one
to one Offer.
V `specialdiscounts on Saturdays and Sundays
so that foot falls would increase.

V Laterthey started focusing individually at

different outlets having different days. Like
eliance Fresh Kadvanthra Branch normally
offers discounts on Wednesdays
V eliance Fresh also gave away scratch cards
on purchase more than 2000 during hristmas
V Scratch cards may include 100- 500 s cash
discount, Bumper car worth 5lakhs, gold coin
1gram etc.
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"$ - * *!!
V The present reliance shop which we visited is
adopting the best strategies to improve sales
and good reputation in market.
V They have implemented the fixing of price
on all items on kg basis and purchased item
are changed accordingly.
V The price of all items in the store are
maintained at price lower than outside
V The items are arranged in a systematic
manner thus enabling the customer to buy

V Sales person are provided in each section so
as to assist the customers.
V All items like food cloth vegetables kitchen
items under one roof make it convenient for
the customer to buy
V Personal contact no
V Policy less followed in small towns
V ommon policy for reliance fresh and
reliance mart.
V Delay in processing of membership cards
V Long queues @billing counter
V Timing to call
V No of billing counters increased.
V Inform through sms
V ore new technology can be adopted
V hange of policy of both stores.