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V - A covenant relationship between god and the

Hebrew people.
V -A celebration and sanctification of life.
V - A 4,000 year old tradition with ideas about
what it means to be human and how to make
the world a holy place.
V - A faith, way of life.
V - In prophets of old-especially Moses, through
whom torah was revealed to the Hebrew
V - In one god, creator of the universe, personal
but non-corporeal
V - In torah (first five books of the Bible),
containing religious, moral, and social law
which guides the life of a Jew.
V - The Hebrew Bible does not include the New
V - Enslaved in ancient Egypt and freed by
Moses (more then 3,300 years ago).
V -Hebrew Monarchy in the ´promised landµ
(the land of Israel), ends the sixth century BCE.
V -The patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel)-
origin of the Hebrew people.
V 15-16 million in a worldwide population.
V A nation Diaspora
V All united by common heritage.
V - Orthodox
V 1.Modern
V 2. Chasidic
V -Reformed (18th Century Germany)
V -Conservative- Moderates, response to
V - Reconstructionalism (20th century America)
V 613 commandments that are found in Torah
(written law).
V Talmud (Oral law) ²commentary of ancient rabbis
that elaborate on how to apply God·s law in
everyday life«.
V 1. Dietary rules (Kashrut/Kasher)
V 2. Dress and other symbols
V 3.Prayer and Devotion to one god.
V 4. The temple and temple rites.
V 5. Observation of holy days
V 6. Proper social relations between female and
1. Belief in God
2. Prohibition of Improper Worship
3. Prohibition of Oaths
4. Observance of Sacred Times
5. Respect for parents and teachers
6. Prohibition of physically harming another person.
7. Prohibition of sexual immortality
8. Prohibition of theft
9. Harming a person through speech
10. Prohibition of coveting
V Began in January of 1933, the Germans felt as
though their land and home was being
threatened by the Jews. Others who were
targeted as well include: Gypsies, mentally and
physically disabled, and institutionalized
V Torah- five books of Moses ( Genesis, Exodus,
Leviticus, numbers, Deuteronomy) by Moses.
V Neviim- Prophets, Joshua, Isaiah, Jeremiah, ect
V Kethuvim- the writings- psalms, proverbs, ect..
V Oral Torah of Mishnah
V Commentary on Mishnah (Talmud)
V - New Years
V New Moons
V Seventh Day Sabbath
V Passover
V Feast of unleavened Bread (7 days)
V Feast of the wave Sheaf ( 2nd of unleavened bread)
V Feast of First Fruits (Pentecost)
V Feast of Trumpets
V Feast of Atonement
V Feast of tabernacles (8 days)
V The Last great Day of the Lord (8th of tabernacles)
V Days of awe
V Hanukkah : The Festival of the Lights
V Also know as movements
V Three major sects, each with their own
V 1. reformed
V 2. Conservative
V 3. Orthodox
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