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m Most universally used tool in any
selection process

m ³Conversation with a purpose between

one person on one side and another
person or persons on the other´

m wbtaining information- Provides
appraisal of the personality by obtaining
relevant information about the
prospective employee¶s background,
training, work history, education and
m Giving information-About the company,
specific job and personnel policies
m Motivation-Satisfactory applicant to work
for the company

m Ênformal Ênterview
m Formal Ênterview
m Planned Ênterview
m Patterned Ênterview
m Non-Directive Ênterview
m Depth Ênterview
m Stress Ênterview
m Group Ênterview
m Panel Ênterview

Õ    Õ
Physical Make-up Health, physique, age, appearance,
Attainments Education, wccupational training and
Êntelligence Basic and µeffective¶
Special Aptitudes Written and oral fluency of expression,
numeracy, wrganizational ability, admn
Ênterest Êntellectual, practical, physically active,
social, artistic
Disposition Self-reliance, nature, motivation and
Circumstances Domestic, social background and
experience, acceptability
m Êmportance of attributes varies from
position to position and organization
m Assign commensurate weightages
m Categories:
Above average
Below average

Allocate weight age-Multiply-Add up and Final

m Subjective judgment of the interviewer-
Prejudices, likes, dislikes, biases
m wne prominent characteristic of a
candidate may dominate
m Ênterviewer¶s experience-Association
between particular trait and distinctive
m Managers believe in being ³good at´

m Œnowledge of the job

m Emotional maturity and stable
m Sensitivity to interviewer¶s feelings and
sympathetic attitude
m Extrovert behavior and considerable
physical and mental stamina

m Definite time schedule and ample time
m Avoid impersonal approach
m Element of privacy
m Careful listening and recording
m Attention to words spoken+facial
expressions mannerisms
m End after gathering sufficient information
m Tell the candidates where he stands-
contact later, to visit another person,
organization will not be able to utilize his
m Phrenology-Strength of each faculty-
prominent bump on the skull
m Physiognomy- Definite correlation
between facial features and
psychological functions and behavior-
Ex: Thin lips-Determination and Broad
m Graphology-Close relationship between
hand writing and personality